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An Endorsement for Anderson 29 October, 2008

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Audio radio ad of Anderson endorsement-by Ray Clatworthy
Mr. Clatworthy requested that I post this. I gladly comply.

David, below is the letter that I sent to both the DSN and to the Dover Post. You are going to win!

Dear editor:
I enthusiastically endorse David Anderson to be the 3rd Levy Court district commissioner. I have known David Anderson for a many years and he has one of the sharpest public policy minds in our state . He has been featured as an analyst on local news. He was one of the advocates who helped keep the wind farm issue alive when it appeared dead in the Senate. He has been a leading voice for common sense values and taxpayer’s rights.
Just as importantly, David Anderson is a good person. He is a man of deep faith, patriotism, and love for his family. His qualifications are outstanding by any measurement.
David has been involved in our community in many different ways. He has been involved in education issues for years including serving on two school boards. He has been involved in church groups such as Kent County Coordinator for Meet at City Hall National Day of prayer. He was part of the save Lamb Jam committee. He has been a vital part of food distribution efforts for organizations serving the needy. David was a Read-a-Loud Delaware participant. He has been a supporter of the Pregnancy Help Center. He worked with Compassion Ministries in order reduce the recidivism rate for prisoners.

David also joined the National Guard post 9/11. He volunteered to serve in Katrina Relief where he saw first hand the importance of a competent local government.
When you elect my friend David Anderson, you will have someone who will focus on making the basics work. He has specific ideas to improve the job environment by putting the county back on the side of small businesses. He won’t support a tax increase. He will examine every major expenditure with out of the box thinking.
David Anderson is the type of person we need in public office. I encourage you to make that a reality.
Ray Clatworthy

Thank you my friend, it is humbling to receive your public support in this way. David



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