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The Problem with some Democrats today 24 November, 2008

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I have a great deal of respect for many Democrats. Just like me, they are caring, hard working people who want this to be a better nation. This post is not intended to bash them nor is it even intended to bash the Democrat party. It is intended to bring questions of public policy to the forefront. This summer I wrote about problems with the Republican Party so now it is time for my view of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat party has a great heritage of being a party of many diverse views and people. The problem is that it seems to have lost its way. It is not the first time. The Democrat Party was the party of the Trail of Tears and ethnic cleansing of the Indians. It was the party of Black Slavery and segregation. It recovered from those ills. It may yet recover from these as well.

1. Democrats think the secret ballot is great for their caucus but bad for the American worker.

2. The Democrats think we can wave a magic wand and get an arbitrary amount of alternative energy overnight. Don’t drill for more oil just hope it works out.

3. The Democrats think the problem with education is that we are testing students to find out what they are or are not learning. In other words the biggest obstacle to education is being told you have to teach so students can measurably learn.

4. Some Democrats think marriage is passe unless it is between people of the same sex.

5. NJ Democrats think destroying embryos with taxpayer money is laudable while executing child rapists/murders should be banned.

6. Some think recognizing Christmas is divisive, protecting kids with Internet filters in public libraries is oppressive, but putting a stop to burning the flag is a distraction.

7. They think the biggest fiscal problem is that we are under-taxed and the biggest social problem is that some people make more than others.

8. They nominate for Attorney General someone who pardons bomb building terrorists but thinks law abiding gun owners need extensive regulation.

9. Everyone is entitled to my money but me.

10. They think that Americans are too stupid to choose anything unless it is related to sex.

Special Bonus: Democrats discovered that

Biden Replacement 24 November, 2008

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Ted Kaufmann has been tapped to take care of the Biden seat for the next two years. The Biden loyalist and aid is expected to be a seat warmer for AG Biden. Here is his bio.

Toxic Asset buy back on the table? 23 November, 2008

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The Federal government decided not to buy so-called toxic assets as originally planned in the TARP 700B plan, but the Citigroup crisis may make it reconsider. You almost need a scorecard to understand the Paulson seat of the pants method of economic management. It goes to prove that the disorder of the free market beats the order of central planning everytime.

From the Frying Pan into the Fire 23 November, 2008

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The open for question for America’s near term future may be the new Treasury Secretary designate.  Timothy Geithner is one of the people who orchestrated the bailouts of Bear Stearns and AIG.  While at the IMF in the ’90’s he helped design and implement the Mexico and Asian bailouts.  He is someone willing to be very interventionist.  

According to the Wall Street Journal on line(Nov. 23, 2008),he is an advocate of broad powers and has often forced his will on firms.

Last month, when the Treasury and Fed decided to inject capital directly into the banking system — starting with the largest financial institutions — Mr. Geithner sat at the table with top government officials and bank executives. He detailed how much U.S. money each firm would receive, giving them no choice but to sign off to ensure that the capital-injection program wouldn’t be seen as going only to the weakest firms.

As Treasury Secretary, Mr. Geithner will play a key role in overhauling the patchwork of financial regulation after a year of turmoil that exposed oversight failures.

In recent months, he’s stressed the importance of building “shock absorbers” for the financial system so the failure of a major firm does not ripple through markets. His views indicate support for a proposal by other top officials to create a resolution system for failing financial firms, akin to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s procedures for depository institutions.

Mr. Geithner has offered few specifics, arguing that officials need broad authority while insisting that full decisions cannot be made until the crisis is over.

If you like Paulson, you will love Geithner.

Gov. Markell wants your input 21 November, 2008

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Carla and I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving next week. Even though we are facing significant challenges as a state and a nation, we have a lot to be thankful for.

In addition to gettting ready for the upcoming holidays, my team and I have been very busy. It may seem like a long way off, but the inauguration on Jan. 20 will be here quickly and there is a lot of work to do.

Earlier this week I announced that Matt Denn and I will be sworn in at 12:01 a.m. on the 20th in the University of Delaware’s Mitchell Hall. It will be a late night, but Matt and I did not want to conflict with the historic Obama-Biden inaugural ceremonies. Our ceremony on the 20th will be brief. The traditional inaugural ceremonies and our inaugural speeches will take place the following day in Dover, beginning at 11 a.m. in front of Legislative Hall.

My transition team is also hard at work. I recently announced a talented team of Delawareans to a group of lead committees that are focused on specific issues. Their ideas about the innovative ways we can meet the challenges facing our state will be critical in helping me and my administration get to work from Day 1. We are facing sobering economic times, but this is a situation that also presents a great opportunity for us to be creative and make good decisions for Delaware’s future. I am especially interested in ways to make state government more effective and efficient. If you have an idea, please send it to us by visiting our transition website at:


Jack Markell

How is President-Elect Obama doing so far? 21 November, 2008

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Why is there no Secretary of Treasury? President-elect Obama came out of the blocks announcing that he would focus on the economy, but he seems to appointing everything but an economic team or a national defense team. Let’s look at what he has done so far.

Clinton um-Obama White House staff picks are competent and smart people. They are experienced hands. They are a little partisan, but the tone will be set by the guy in charge. Grade B+

Department of Health and Human Services–Tom Daschle, former Senate Majority Leader: He has legislative experience like no DHHS head that I have ever seen. He will be able to help get health care reform. He certainly will be better than Clinton’s pick. He has little administrative experience except as State Treasurer decades ago. DHHS is an administration larger than most governments of the world. It will depend on his undersecretaries how effective he is. Grade B

Department of Homeland Security– Janet Napolitano, Gov. of Arizona: She is a great pick. She is a border state governor and a former U. S. attorney. DHS is an unwieldy department and needs a great administrator and a terrific policy mind. Grade A

Department of Treasury–Bailout bill made it financial Czar. (Cricket singing) It is better to make a good choice than rush to make a bad choice. The markets are begging for insight so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Grade Inc.

Department of Justice–Eric Holder former Dep. AG for President Clinton: Here is a man who pushed the pardon of terrorists –Weather Underground and even FLN terrorists who never applied for a pardon. He has advocated for the D. C. gun ban. It seems like an odd pick in a post 9/11 world. Will we go from terrorist fighting Ashcroft to terrorist pardoning Holder? Grade F

Department of State– Hillary Clinton? Hopefully she won’t come under fire next time she lands somewhere. Besides having an active imagination, she knows the world and has a realistic view of it. Grade A.

Overall I give him a 2.9 GPA so far. Grade B-

Republicans Surge in Congressional Popularity 14 November, 2008

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Republicans are within two points of the rasmussen generic ballot.  Freed from the Bush label, the party is poised to comeback. Rep[ublicans need a visionary leader to get the party back on track. We endorse the man of steele. http://www.draftmichaelsteele.com/ Learn more about Lt. Gov. Steele then sign the petition supporting him. The party leaders will hear us.

Federal Reserve Doesn’t Work for You 14 November, 2008

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Open government does not exist in the shadowy world of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve is a quasi private bank. It is independent and not under Freedom of Information and open government rules. Now that it has spent 2 trillion dollars and is potentially inflating the money supply, Congress has decided to ask some questions.

“During the bipartisan negotiations between Congress and the administration, members of both parties made clear that Congress must have meaningful oversight over the use of taxpayer dollars,” Boehner said. “Transparency is even more important now, given that the program appears to have been implemented in some ways that were given little to no discussion as Congress was being urged to pass the rescue plan.”

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a member of the Republican leadership, said the lack of disclosure “should trouble taxpayers and policymakers alike.”

“There cannot be accountability in government and in our financial institutions without transparency,” he said. “Many of the financial problems we are facing today are the direct result of too much secrecy and too little accountability.”

Representative Scott Garrett, a New Jersey Republican who serves on both the Financial Services and Banking committees, said “it’s impossible to get to the bottom of where we are because we don’t have transparency.”

Too bad no one thought of that before.  I am more concerned with the fact that they just came up with the money out of no where.  Calculations are indicating that they have tripled our money supply by printing 2 trillion dollars.  Where it goes should be less on our leader’s minds then where did it come from.  I think I will just buy a small wheel barrel now.

Count every vote 14 November, 2008

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Democrats call for counting every vote even when they have to divine the voter’s intent as in FL 2000 or pull them out of a trunk as in MN. Yet, they seem to have little interest in insuring that the 31st district vote is right. The Democrats are silent even though the odds are in their favor. The Dept. of Elections found that in some districts in Kent County the absentee ballot was not counted accurately because of a design flaw which threw off the scanner. A hand count in the 29th district changed the result of the election.

The 31st district race is about a couple hundred votes apart and there are nearly 800 absentee ballots. The GOP asked for a recount. It should be given because their is a mathematical possibility of changing the result and combined with a proven problem with the count. It would not take unreasonable manpower nor time. It could be done in an hour with staff and volunteers watching from both parties.

I think the end result would be the same, but until it is done I don’t know that it will be the same. Senator Connie Mack won because he had a disproportionate victory in absentee ballots some years ago. It happens.

I am fine with winning or losing, but I am not fine with not having confidence in the actual count. There is no reason to avoid counting the ballots. It will take less time and expense than going to court. More importantly, it will insure the public does not lose confidence in there vote counting. It also raises federal voting rights questions, it is a minority district and potentially votes are being diluted.

Kent County Department of Elections, please count every vote. Don’t hide behind technicalities.

GOP post mortem today and other thoughts. 6 November, 2008

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According to the Wall Street Journal,

The Republican Party begins debating its future Thursday in Virginia, where a group of leading conservatives will meet to discuss how to rebuild their movement. Party governors continue the conversation at a meeting next week in Miami.

Thus begins a battle for the soul of a party whose coalition has been fractured by war and economic turmoil after nearly three decades of electoral success.

Personally I would like us to start by choosing Michael Steele as National Chairman, then adopt the American solutions platform. After that we can argue over the endless details. Karl Rove did not want someone independent in the RNC for 2007 to 2009. That was his big mistake in an otherwise fine career. Now we need a titular head of the party like the Democrats had with Dean. No one available would fill that role better than Lt. Gov. Steele. He is a genius at party building. I hope our Delaware delegation to the RNC seriously promotes this choice.

Congratulations to President elect Obama. As an African American, I am gladen by the message sent in this election. After 250 years of slavery when only 3/5ths of our number were even worth counting, 100 years of segregation (only ending during my parents generation), we are undeniably full partners in the American experience. May God bless this wonderful country. We are not afraid to move beyond the past and into the future.

Let us do so with wisdom, not abandoning our best traditions of free markets, family values, and freedom. That is what we shall stand for here regardless of who is in office.