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Count every vote 14 November, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, Election 2008.

Democrats call for counting every vote even when they have to divine the voter’s intent as in FL 2000 or pull them out of a trunk as in MN. Yet, they seem to have little interest in insuring that the 31st district vote is right. The Democrats are silent even though the odds are in their favor. The Dept. of Elections found that in some districts in Kent County the absentee ballot was not counted accurately because of a design flaw which threw off the scanner. A hand count in the 29th district changed the result of the election.

The 31st district race is about a couple hundred votes apart and there are nearly 800 absentee ballots. The GOP asked for a recount. It should be given because their is a mathematical possibility of changing the result and combined with a proven problem with the count. It would not take unreasonable manpower nor time. It could be done in an hour with staff and volunteers watching from both parties.

I think the end result would be the same, but until it is done I don’t know that it will be the same. Senator Connie Mack won because he had a disproportionate victory in absentee ballots some years ago. It happens.

I am fine with winning or losing, but I am not fine with not having confidence in the actual count. There is no reason to avoid counting the ballots. It will take less time and expense than going to court. More importantly, it will insure the public does not lose confidence in there vote counting. It also raises federal voting rights questions, it is a minority district and potentially votes are being diluted.

Kent County Department of Elections, please count every vote. Don’t hide behind technicalities.



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