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The Problem with some Democrats today 24 November, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

I have a great deal of respect for many Democrats. Just like me, they are caring, hard working people who want this to be a better nation. This post is not intended to bash them nor is it even intended to bash the Democrat party. It is intended to bring questions of public policy to the forefront. This summer I wrote about problems with the Republican Party so now it is time for my view of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat party has a great heritage of being a party of many diverse views and people. The problem is that it seems to have lost its way. It is not the first time. The Democrat Party was the party of the Trail of Tears and ethnic cleansing of the Indians. It was the party of Black Slavery and segregation. It recovered from those ills. It may yet recover from these as well.

1. Democrats think the secret ballot is great for their caucus but bad for the American worker.

2. The Democrats think we can wave a magic wand and get an arbitrary amount of alternative energy overnight. Don’t drill for more oil just hope it works out.

3. The Democrats think the problem with education is that we are testing students to find out what they are or are not learning. In other words the biggest obstacle to education is being told you have to teach so students can measurably learn.

4. Some Democrats think marriage is passe unless it is between people of the same sex.

5. NJ Democrats think destroying embryos with taxpayer money is laudable while executing child rapists/murders should be banned.

6. Some think recognizing Christmas is divisive, protecting kids with Internet filters in public libraries is oppressive, but putting a stop to burning the flag is a distraction.

7. They think the biggest fiscal problem is that we are under-taxed and the biggest social problem is that some people make more than others.

8. They nominate for Attorney General someone who pardons bomb building terrorists but thinks law abiding gun owners need extensive regulation.

9. Everyone is entitled to my money but me.

10. They think that Americans are too stupid to choose anything unless it is related to sex.

Special Bonus: Democrats discovered that



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