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Levin Comeback 5 December, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy, State.

Alan Levin is a great business mind who will serve the state well as Economic Development Director. It looks as Levin’s political instincts have paid off after all. It would have been a bad year to run and by not running he ends up serving the state.

Mr. Levin brings a significant change in focus to the office. We will now pay as much attention to growing local businesses as trying to attract businesses here. That makes sense. All of Governor Minner’s foreign trips gave us nothing but bills. Mr. Levin will bring a sharp, focused approach to moving us ahead.

Congratulations are in order to Governor Markell. The man obviously cares more about getting the job done than the political registration of a qualified person. Previous Democrat administrations would rather get an out of stater with a D behind their name than chose a qualified republican. The Governor elect is beyond that and in the process has assembled an economic team second to none. I am just waiting for Eleanor Craig to be reappointed to DEFAC.

I know that I am a representative of the loyal opposition, but what is there to oppose? Govenor-elect Markell is bringing us together to address the economic crisis. I can only praise his leadership.



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