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Republicans win DE6th Special election 21 December, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

It was an important victory, now the GOP has the votes to block a tax hike.

Tom Kovach wins 1540 to 1467.

It is a beautiful thing. This was an important victory. The Democrats were punished for trying to manipulate the voters much like Republicans were in the Smith district when voters preceived the same. The incumbents knew that they may well leave yet ran anyway only to resign after winning. This time was blatant and unexplainable. There was enough time to have had another candidate.

Congratulations to the winner of this hard fought race. The otherside was ready for this race and yet you won a Christmas challenge in a Democrat voter registration advantaged district. I want to hear this story.

This is an important victory. We needed it to keep the Democrats from having a 3/5’s majority in both house. Now we can keep proposed tax increases like the gross receipts and maybe an income tax surcharge temporary and small. We are now only 4 votes away from the lead. I can think of 2 possible pick ups in Kent county in two years. We need one more in NC and one in Sussex. It is a realistic map. The one today was the hard one.



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