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Thank you for taking one last trip on our dime, Gov. Minner 27 December, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

We don’t attack taxpayer funded business trips, here. They are usually useful and legitimate expenses, but once in a while some people try to game the system. According to the Dec. 17 2008 Delaware State News, Governor Minner went to the Virgin Islands for a review of a Governor’s conference held in Philadelphia just 25 to 30 miles to our north. The problem is that she didn’t even attend the event in Philly.

Let’s get this straight. She is a month out and decides that a summary of an event not important enough to attend is worth more to us than the event. Attending the event would have cost us a couple of thousand with her security details and staff at the most. Real cost would have been a few hundred dollars (wages are paid regardless). Taking the entire group to the Virgin Island costs a bit more.

When she is demanding 15% cuts from state agencies, you could ask the obvious questions. They are so obvious that we won’t ask them.
We won’t even be outraged. We will just say that we are sorry that it wasn’t a one way trip.



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