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Watch Your Wallets–Denn is on the prowl. 21 January, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Lt. Governor Matt Denn gave a clarion call of sacrifice today during his address.  That is usually Democrat code for a legal mugging is coming.  Especially when combined with his gratuitous blasting of Ronald Reagan.  I found it unsettling at best.  Asking if you are better off is not corrosive.  It is basic.  Is government really working?  Is what we are doing giving us results? 

I understand that people expecting to control their own destiny, money, families, and lives would be offensive and corrosive to the values of the left wing.  This budget crisis should call us back to rugged individualism since we realize that government cannot provide all things to us.  Instead, the honorable Matt Denn wants us to sacrifice what we have left for his collective.  If we have other ideas, we are corrosive.



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