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Believe only half of what you hear 28 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Budget, Economic Policy, federal.
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The administration is proposing the first trillion dollar deficits. They are claiming that for the first time the budget is honest. I would agree that it is more honest in some respects than previous budgets, but it is rosier than most in other respects.

The administration is assuming that we will be in economic boom within two more years. In three years it is projecting 6.2% growth. In every year it is far more bullish than private or Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers. They claim to be putting the war on budget which seems like a bad idea, but they are only putting some of the war on budget and inflating the cost of the war. They projected current troop levels for 10 years in Iraq even though we have an agreement to be out in 3. They then called the change a cut even though the number wasn’t originally in the budget.

Think about it. They added an extra trillion dollars to the budget then cut it out and claimed to have found huge savings. In this way they can cut the deficit in half even though it is larger than fiscal year (FY) 2008.

In fairness, no one has ever been handed a budget so out of whack. The President has to make do with unprecedented debt, deficits, and the worst decline in GDP in 27 years.
My point is not that he doesn’t have tough issues to handle while preparing a budget, but that he doesn’t need to hype the effort with unnecessary claims. We will judge it upon its merits or lack thereof. We can save our fantasies for football.

TaxPayer Alert–Special Election on the 19th in Newark Area 19 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, New Castle County.
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One candidate wants to raise your taxes and is connected with the unions dominating New Castle County, the other wants to cut spending before considering any tax increase. This news link will give you a great contrast in their own words. If you want any voices to balance out the pressures to impoverish the New Castle County taxpayers, then you need to vote for Republican Jamie Moulthrop. Moulthorp works serving the working people everyday by managing a tax office. He understands that we are hurting. He understands numbers.

The numbers say that NCC was heading into fiscal problems before the economic slowdown. Just raising the property tax will not solve the problem any more than giving another drink out during happy hour will solve drunk driving. We need someone willing to make tough decisions. Unfortunately, that is not Ms. Diller who by all accounts is a great person. The problem is that her close ties to the union through her husband seems to have clouded her objectivity.

My friends, you need to vote for someone who will represent you today, or don’t complain. Go to Delaware.gov/elections if you need to see if you are in NCC 5th.

This link is worth putting on your email chain. You need to get everyone who understands that we need leaders not special interest advocates in office out to vote. Polls are open until 8 pm this February 19th.

Buy American 19 February, 2009

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The internationalists flipped over the idea that American steel should be prefer for government stimulus projects. Naturally, that should have been amended to say North American because of NAFTA. Didn’t it make sense? Why borrow money to stimulate someone else’s economy? We were not talking about trade barriers or some other insanity. We were just talking about choices in the free market. I know American business has been trashed as part of the campaign to trash American institutions, but I still believe that Americans know as business prospers, we all prosper.

Maybe Congress can’t get it right, but I have determined that I will choose American made products where it makes sense. If I buy plastic cups, buy locally made Solo. If I buy a tape measure, I buy the American made one. No matter what the internationalist say, I still have sovereignty rights over my dollars. We each control our

The Real Story of the Great Depression? 17 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy.
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When we try to learn from history, it makes sense to look at what may have actually happened. Michael Barone wrote an interesting commentary which deserves reading.

There’s a fairly broad consensus on policy that some of Roosevelt’s actions made a positive difference but that they didn’t get us out of the Depression. Amity Shlaes in her path-breaking “The Forgotten Man” makes a strong case that some of Roosevelt’s moves blocked recovery, and even his admirers admit that his policies led to a sharp recession in 1937-38. After eight years of the New Deal, unemployment remained at 15 percent in 1940 — double the figure for today. What really got us out of the Depression was World War II.

The total number of employed persons and military personnel increased from 44 million in 1938 to 65 million in 1944.

So it would be unwise to copy the New Deal as a recipe for economic recovery. And the policies that produced the wartime boom are not replicable today. We are not going to have rationing, wage and price controls, government spending nearly half the gross domestic product, 91 percent tax rates and a 12-million-man military (the equivalent today would be 27 million).

There has been general agreement, however, that Roosevelt’s policies were politically successful.

QOD–who owes more than the world produces 16 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy.
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Answer is the U. S. Government when you take into account future obligations is responsible for 65 trillion dollars. A private company would have to account for these future obligations under normal accounting standards. It is time the American People knew the truth. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

What’s wrong with Matt Denn? 13 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy, State.

I like Lt. Gov. Matt Denn.  He strikes me as an honest, dedicated public servant and if you ever seen him with his children, you know he is a wonderful father.  So this is not personal, it is just about policy.  It scares me that he may be the future of the Democrat party if we don’t pay attention.

Did you notice Denn’s opposition to Senate Bill 7, the eminent domain restrictions?  He said that in these times we have to have government being able to do what ever was necessary to get growth going again.  In combination with his inaugural address where he blasted Reaganism as the root of our economic problems, I am getting a very scary picture.

The man doesn’t seem to believe that economy is the measure of individuals and their choices.  He believes that it is a system dictated from above.  It is a zero sum gain.  That type of stagnent thinking has destroyed nations.  If we don’t stop it in the bud, it will destroy this state.

Don’t be surprised when you see me keeping tabs on the LG.  You had better do the same.

Geithner a Bust 11 February, 2009

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Here’s the bad news according to Rasmussen Reports. Geithner was a bust. Some of us have been skeptical of the Secretary since Mr. Bailout was announced. Our skepticism is now shared by most people. The good news is that the real plan can erase these worries if it is good. I just don’t understand why they would hype an announcement and then say that they are still working on a plan.

I could not get a business loan with a plan like the one presented by Secretary Geithner yet we are suppose to entrust him with $2,000,000,000,000. I have hope that this outline will continue to develop into a fine plan, but my faith in this economic team was weakened. They obviously don’t have a plan worked out even now.

This is why we should not pass a full stimulus package until we know what we are doing. Give some aid to the states, the unemployed, and some tax breaks. Then wait until the housing plan is ready to do the rest. There is not enough money to toss around and hope something sticks. That approach could end up giving stagflation which would be worse than we have now. We need to act with urgency, but even more importantly we need to know what we are doing. This is not a game with unlimited do overs.

Following Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s presentation of the White House financial rescue plan, the Rasmussen Consumer Index fell a point-and-a-half to 56.6. That’s another all-time record low, surpassing the mark set ten days ago.

The Best Plan to Rejuvenate the Economy 7 February, 2009

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The Fair Tax is compared to the current system and Obama plan by experts. The winner is….

Well, Follow the Link.

Reagan is still the man….Happy Ronald Reagan Day. 6 February, 2009

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Rassmussen reports shows that when we celebrate the 98th birthday of the late President Ronald W. Reagan,we should remember that that his values still live.

While President Obama would like the GOP to forget about listening to Hannity and Limbaugh, their core message of getting back to Reaganism has support from 85% of Republicans. What is even more interesting is this phrase. Ronald Reagan isn’t just a Republican thing anymore. No wonder the Democrats fear Michael Steele and those who would get the GOP back to basics.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of U.S. voters say the Republican Party should return to the views and values of the iconic 40th president of the United States to be successful, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Twenty-nine percent (29%) say the GOP should move away from the Reagan legacy, and 15% aren’t sure which is the best course to follow.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republican voters believe a return to the two-term president’s views and values are the road to success. Just eight percent (8%) disagree.

Among unaffiliated voters, 61% say the Republican Party should return to Reagan, while 23% think the party should move away from those values.

Even 29% of Democrats think Reagan is a good role model for the modern Republican Party, although 50% disagree and 21% are undecided.

In his first inaugural address, Reagan declared that “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Fifty-nine percent (59%) 59% of voters still agree with him.

How is President Obama doing? 5 February, 2009

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Keep track with the promise meter. Be realistic, don’t expect him to solve every problem that he campaigned on in 100 days. This is a marathon. Of course some of us are hoping that he never gets to some of his promises.

The latest updates to the Obameter
The Obameter Scorecard

* Promise Kept 7

* Compromise 1

* Promise Broken 1

* Stalled 1

* In the Works 17

* No Action 483

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PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter. We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.