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President Obama won the election but may have set the GOP free. 4 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in federal, Sarah Palin.

The best election result for Republicans seems to have been November’s. The Republicans now have a chance to be free of the White House and discover themselves. The latest Rasmussen Reports polls show that the GOP would gain in Congress if the election were today. The GOP is only 4 points down in the generic ballot. Support for the stimulus bill in both Rasmussen and Gallup is in the high 30% range. 71% of the public now sees President Obama as a political liberal.

Republicans can now get on the offensive. I don’t mean be offensive, but take the lead in proposing real reforms and standing for greater freedom. That is what most people who are not Democrats want from the GOP. Sarah Palin has recovered much of her approval rating with Independents. Most Independents and Republicans think she should be the model for the GOP in the future. In spite of the media slime job, she has a solid 52% approval rating nationally.

President Obama is still quite popular. He has a 62% approval and amazing skill.

Go to http://www.Rasmussenreports.com for more detailed numbers.

Senator Jim Inhofe  Leading the Charge



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