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What’s wrong with Matt Denn? 13 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy, State.

I like Lt. Gov. Matt Denn.  He strikes me as an honest, dedicated public servant and if you ever seen him with his children, you know he is a wonderful father.  So this is not personal, it is just about policy.  It scares me that he may be the future of the Democrat party if we don’t pay attention.

Did you notice Denn’s opposition to Senate Bill 7, the eminent domain restrictions?  He said that in these times we have to have government being able to do what ever was necessary to get growth going again.  In combination with his inaugural address where he blasted Reaganism as the root of our economic problems, I am getting a very scary picture.

The man doesn’t seem to believe that economy is the measure of individuals and their choices.  He believes that it is a system dictated from above.  It is a zero sum gain.  That type of stagnent thinking has destroyed nations.  If we don’t stop it in the bud, it will destroy this state.

Don’t be surprised when you see me keeping tabs on the LG.  You had better do the same.



1. Gabriel - 13 February, 2009

David, I appreciate your concerns about Matt Denn, especially his opposition to the eminent domain bill, which is surprising. However, he was unquestionably an outstanding insurance commissioner.

That you gave KWS the benefit of the doubt on Delaware Liberal is very gentlemanly of you, but you’re misinformed or uninformed. You said she hasn’t had a chance to do anything wrong. That may be true but is not an issue, because she did everything wrong during her campaign and shouldn’t have been elected to begin with because her supposed insurance experience doesn’t exist and she has no education after high school. She lied about everything. All of the other candidates were vastly more qualified. I’ve known her for many years, so this is first-hand information.

The only real insurance job KWS ever had, other than briefly working for Levinson in a minor capacity when he was insurance commissioner in the late 80’s, was her equally brief tenure with RSI, the “Fortune 500” company she bragged about in her campaign. A woman KWS met at a temp job she held in Utah brought her into RSI based on her false resume that RSI never checked. Instead of being grateful, she slandered and libeled that friend by forwarding a falsified email to the friend’s boss that implied she was hostile to gays, got her fired because of RSI’s “zero tolerance” policy, and took over the friend’s VP job. When RSI found out that KWS is nearly illiterate because the friend she caused to be fired was no longer there to cover for her so as not to look bad for having recommended her, they got rid of her. Because she wasn’t employed in insurance after that, she claimed to be CEO of her own insurance consulting firm that didn’t exist except on paper, so she could attend industry association meetings in that capacity in order to make contacts who would support her run for commissioner. That’s been her goal for the 20 years since she worked for Levinson and saw what he made the position do for him, and she finally succeeded after two prior failed attempts, thanks to the Democrat tide in the last election and straight-ticket voters.

KWS sought the IC’s office because, by her own admission to people I know, she will exploit it, and because she is unemployable in the private sector but thinks she’s entitled to power and glory without ever having worked for any of it. That’s it in a nutshell. I hope the truth about this impostor will change your mind and those of the people who read this. I also hope that this will make you begin to wonder what the next four years with her in office will be like if she even makes it that far. She’s already given us a pretty good indication of who and what she really is.

2. David Anderson - 13 February, 2009

Thanks for your input.

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