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Buy American 19 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

The internationalists flipped over the idea that American steel should be prefer for government stimulus projects. Naturally, that should have been amended to say North American because of NAFTA. Didn’t it make sense? Why borrow money to stimulate someone else’s economy? We were not talking about trade barriers or some other insanity. We were just talking about choices in the free market. I know American business has been trashed as part of the campaign to trash American institutions, but I still believe that Americans know as business prospers, we all prosper.

Maybe Congress can’t get it right, but I have determined that I will choose American made products where it makes sense. If I buy plastic cups, buy locally made Solo. If I buy a tape measure, I buy the American made one. No matter what the internationalist say, I still have sovereignty rights over my dollars. We each control our



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