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Mayor blasts Delaware Liberal 16 March, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Actually, it is the Salisbury, MD mayor blasting their negative, out of control bloggers. The same thing could be said on bad days about some of the left wing blogs in Delaware.

In her final State of the City address, Salisbury Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman warned residents of what she sees as a great danger to the city: malicious bloggers.

Tilghman said in her address Thursday that over the last five years, the presence of a small group of suspicious, mean-spirited people focused on the negative has grown, endangering the city’s vitality


1. Delaware Dem - 18 March, 2009

Yes, you right wingers are the epitome of civility and respect. All I have to do is point to Hube and this discussion is over.

Further, one person’s malice is another’s investigative reporting and critical opinion. I am sure President Nixon found the Washington Post to be malicious, just as you no doubt hate the New York Times (I make this assumption of you based on the fact that you are a conservative and a Republican). And I am sure you just love the reporting of Fox News, the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal, whereas we don’t.

I am sure it is inconvenient for public officials to have their citizens combing through their statements and actions while in office. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the rest, it is the price of doing business in the public arena.

But if you find bloggers to be so malicious in their criticism of our public officials, I am sure you will lead by example and never again criticize President Obama or Governor Markell.

2. pandora - 18 March, 2009

David, this headline is worthy of the National Enquirer. Badly done.

3. David Anderson - 18 March, 2009

Nothing personal. I sort of remember some very negative headlines with my name in them at DL. You can’t blame me for being playful to make a point. I think that you guys have picked up your game over the last week.

4. X Stryker - 18 March, 2009

Man, ya totally fooled me on that one. Props where its due. Zing.

And Salisbury’s mayor can go step on a rake for all I care. Local government ought to fear exposure from the blogosphere, whether left, right, or other.

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