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Palin: She who lasts laugh; laughs best 16 March, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Budget, Sarah Palin.

Alaska is not only benefiting from the huge surpluses stocked away by the tenacious vetos and stringent budgets of its Governor Sarah Palin, but its economy seems to be doing reasonably well. It is affected by lack of tourism and falling commodity prices, yet the state is not doing too badly. I thought people where stupid in Alaska. They elected some small town hick mayor who is full of ambition and clueless. Maybe not, apparently the people of Alaska are smarter than the entire Washington press corps.

What is really interesting about Alaska is that the state saved enough revenue to run itself for two years without a dime of taxes. They saved the oil surpluses because they used common sense fiscal management. Governor Palin was criticized for being too austere. I wonder how those critics are spending their relative security?


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2. donviti - 19 March, 2009

I’m looking for the post where she sought a few hundred billion in Earmarks for her state….

Thought she was against that stuff during the election

weird. I don’t see it

3. Davidlanderson - 19 March, 2009

John McCain was against earmarks not Sarah Palin. John McCain was running for President. The second fiddle doesn’t pick the tune. If John McCain had to pick someone who agreed with him on everthing, he couldn’t pick anyone not with their own record.

She supported earmark reform. He supported dumping earmarks all together.

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