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Markell’s first 100 days 30 April, 2009

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Governor Markell has been dealt a poor hand.  The state has little money and huge short falls.  His aggressive and expensive agenda has mostly taken a back seat to reality.  How has the governor done so far?

The Governor is trying to advance certain proposals to build on our already growing green industry and increase credit for small businesses. He recently proposed streamlining some of the permitting process. I applaud those efforts. It is essential that we encourage growth in our economy.

The Governor is proposing growing another industry, gaming. Unfortunately, his proposals would actually lose money and hurt jobs. Sports betting makes economic sense. It is being done anyway and would give the state’s gaming industry a competitive advantage. Any proposal should exempt any sporting event including a Delaware based team to prevent corruption of sporting events. Concern that more gambling on sports could increase the chance for corruption of sports is well founded, but likely over rated. NV and MT already have it. Delaware would not likely rival NV and most of the corruption seems to be from underground sports betting which this proposal would weaken. Expanding the number racinos and adding table games is another matter. Table games are more prone to manipulation than slots. They slots have already increased gambling addiction and related problems. Adding more casinos makes little sense and most would not find funding except maybe the Riverfront. Any others would cannibalize the existing racinos which would defeat the purpose of using the slots to save the harness racing industry. It would cost jobs in the long run and not raise revenue. Adding new sites would take capital away from more productive economic development. Gaming does not produce any goods or services it just reshuffles money.

On the legislative front, the governor seems bent on pushing HB 5, the sexual orientation protection bill even though now does not seem to be great for adding regulations. His party seems to be moving toward transparency in spending kicking and screaming.

On spending cuts, the Governor seems to lack the will to make major reforms. He is proposing temporary pay cuts as his main option. There is no fundamental review of government making its way into the first budget. The Governor had time to right a book on how to spend more, but apparently even though he was state treasurer for 10 years, had little time to think about how to save money. Some of the big proposals on medicaid reform, school construction, and other areas are still in a drawer. In the meantime, state employees are expected to take the brunt of the cuts as they are the only other place where a lot of money is. The truth is they are going to have to sacrifice because they are the ones who benefited from our spend fest. The question is what about other reforms? Is it wise to balance the budget solely on the backs of state employees?

What would a Democrat administration be without tax hikes on the rich? Unfortunately, the rich are people who make over 60K. That will be the least popular part of the proposal. My question is since the pay cuts are temporary, why not sunset the tax hike in 3 years? It does not seem to be reform to cuts spending temporarily but raise taxes permanently.

Those are my thoughts.

Is the worst behind us? 29 April, 2009

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The economy was weaker than expected in the first quarter with a huge annual decline of over 6%. The good news is that we are beginning to see the seeds of recovery. Inventories are down, consumer spending is up, government spending was down but will likely return with the stimulus package. Leading indicators are starting to edge up. Many banks are profitable though 6 of the largest 19 may be troubled still. Let’s hope the worst is behind us.

Democrats undermining Obama? 29 April, 2009

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President Obama understood that cutting the tax burden for the working/middle class was an important part of his economic agenda. He also understood that it was a key part to building a political majority. Unfortunately, his Senate budget chairman seems bent on undermining it. On 25 March 2009 the chairman went about undermining the tax cuts after 2010 according to the NY Times. By early April the chairman was press releasing his support for middle class tax release in the budget. By the end of April, he already had set in motion the undermining of the tax cuts by cutting them from future budgets. Combine that with the proposed carbon taxes and the middle class will be hit with terrible costs.

President Clinton lost the Congress in part because the Democrat party went left on social issues and in part because they abandoned his middle class tax cuts. The people elected Republicans who spent 4 years in the wilderness apologizing for the Bush 41 tax increases. The party lost a great opportunity once and it looks like Kent Conrad is poised to repeat history.  Wake up Democrats.

100 Days of Obama 29 April, 2009

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How will I grade the President’s first 100 days tomorrow?

The grade on the first 100 days has two parts, he did what he said he would do during the first 100 days minus the silly lobbyist stuff. I also ding him for not filling key positions in a timely manner. I give him an A- for performance.

I give him a D+ for substance. The negatives are clear. The trillion dollar deficit budget is atrocious. His social policy is abysmal. His blame America tour was appalling. His quiet abandonment missile defense, cut backs on troop recruitment, treating terrorism like a legal problem, and the lack of a border policy are disturbing. Other than that, thumbs up.

I give him points for not abandoning the war in Iraq, but working to get us out as carefully as “we carelessly got in”. I give him points for trying to win Afghanistan so we can leave a stable nation. I give him points for not being afraid to pull the trigger on the pirates. I also give him credit for moving on housing and trying to stimulate jobs by ensuring local infrastructure projects weren’t canceled.

Check out the Colin Plan for Delaware Government 27 April, 2009

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http://www.delawaresbadhabit.com is the link for a common sense approach for restructuring state government. Senator Colin Bonini points out that if we continued the DuPont Castle budgets the state government would have a 2.1 Billion dollar budget today and not well over 3.2 Billion dollars with a 750 million dollar short fall. We would have a surplus. 16 years of Democrat governors have spent us into difficulty according to Senator Bonini. Here is his idea to get us back on track.

STOP  contacted Senator Bonini, this past Friday.  He was thrilled with the response that he has received so far.  There seems to be an appetite for the ideas of limited, transparent,  and more effective government.  He plans to take his case to the people to build a public base to save our state from fiscal decline.  He warned about this approaching problem as early as the year 2000 and voted against state budget after state budget.    Now our Delaware Blue Hens have come home to roost.

Town Hall For Hope 15 April, 2009

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Do you want real answers to the economic turmoil? Financial expert Dave Ramsey is hosting a nationwide town hall on April 23rd. Go to http://www.townhallforhope.com For site locations follow the link. I have been to other Dave Ramsey events. They worth your time.  The Dover Location is The Pentecostals of Dover on West Denny’s Road.

Have We Hit Bottom? 13 April, 2009

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Many economists are predicting that we will start to emerge from the recession by September.  It may be time to buy selective stocks.  Man the economy is turning around on Monetary policy before we even spend the stimulus.  What gives.  I thought we needed Mr. Obama to save us all.

Don’t Forget Your Tea Party 13 April, 2009

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Do you believe in power to the people not the plutocracy? You have plenty of company. Attend a tea party to show your support for fiscal sanity. This event is non partisan. Of course I think that after you get educated you should make it count and be partisan for those who stand up for you. Have a great tax day. I hope that you had no unpleasant surprises.

Legislative Mall on the Green
4:00 – 6:00 PM

The Circle
12:00 – 2:00 PM

Janosik Park
4:00 – 7:00 PM

The Riverfront
4:00 – 6:30 PM

Middletown Town Square
4:00 – 6:00 PM

Keep the Faith, Happy Resurrection Day 12 April, 2009

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How Great Thou Art
Today is a special day for those of us who believe in the Living God who cares about humanity in a personal way and not some mystical “Sky Daddy”. That understanding informs all of life.

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI gave us a clarion call to escape the desert of godlessness which is infecting much of western civilization. He reminded us that we when we refuse to submit to the values which bound us together that we see the brutality that humanity descends into. It is truly a desert of godlessness.

I have seen better. I have seen the transformed lives brought about by the connection of the human spirit with the Spirit of God. I never tire of seeing people who are left empty and broken by secularism or its pale companion of liberal religiosity find true fulfillment and faith. I can’t even number the drug addicts freed. The alcoholics delivered. The broken lives mended. No matter how far gone a person seems to be; it is only one step back into his arms. That can only be accomplished by a living savior. Be blessed and keep the faith.

Taxes Rise in Voter Priorities 6 April, 2009

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The public is concerned with the Democrat Congressional effort to back stab the Obama administration’s middle class tax cuts. The public demands that it stays. Taxes are considered an important issue by 64% of the public now. If Democrats don’t stop thumbing their nose at the public they will have 1994 all over again. That was the last time that a Democrat Congress double crossed a Democrat President and forgot middle class taxes. Let the tea parties begin.