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Is it time for tax reform or what? 1 April, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Fair Tax, federal, Taxpayer rights.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius made a mistake on her taxes. She deducted mortgage interest payments that she had to continue to make because her house was under water when she sold it. The other alleged mistakes where not mistakes. Some minor documentation was lost over the last 3 years including 3 letter from charities out of 49. First I am happy that we finally have an Obama official who actually gives to charity. Second, why couldn’t she deduct the mortgage interest? Our tax code is too complex. The administration is making it even more so. When 6 administration nominees including the Secretary of the Treasury as well as the former head of the tax writing Finance Committee can’t get their arms around what the tax code mean, it is time to simplify it not complicate it. The Governor should not be confirmed because she is radically pro-abortion rights. This tax stuff is really a difference of professional opinion and the natural loss of a couple of letters during moving. It really is a non-issue. What isn’t is the fact that the IRS puts average people through the hoops for the same thing. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to some of their people; I call on them to strap their proposal for hyper enforcement of the tax code and give us the same.

Maybe the admistration should actually study the Fair Tax.  Then again expecting fairness from this administration may just be April 15th fools.



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