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Prosperity Killers 18 May, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in federal.

This could be the beginning of the end of American Prosperity. The new CAFE standards are the first step to establishing a new anti-carbon regime. It slams the already ailing auto industry. It is accelerating the 100 billion dollar mandate that almost sank the industry in the Democrat led energy bill of 2007. The government agreed to lend the industry 25 billion and demanded a pound of flesh for it. Then the government acted as if it was the industry savior and the evil auto execs were the villains.

This is just the beginning. The evil coal companies, the evil oil companies, the evil power plants, and whatever else had better watch out. The new regime being proposed would hike energy prices artificially and permanently. It would redistribute wealth to the corporations favored by the government not those who earned their place in the market. This type of central planning has always led to devastating inefficiencies and corruption. It is almost like we are purposefully modeling the nations that can’t hold a candle to our economy.

It could be that we are seeing the end to prosperity as we know it.



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