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If DFMS were a criminal, it would be son of Madoff 20 May, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Budget, Revolutionary Reform.

The Delaware Financial Management System has been shown to be highly inefficient to say the least. It may very well be siphoning 10% of our tax money through its inefficiencies. It’s inability to pay vendors in a timely, but quick system is costing us more in fees. It’s incomprehensibility is costing us unnecessary paperwork. Learning the system is like learning a foreign language. It’s bulky nature is forcing workers to do expensive work arounds. It’s inefficient structure is so burdensome that the cost of writing a check is estimated to be $50 by comparison it is $6 or less in the private sector. The dealings with vendors alone has been documented to cost $200,000,000.00 a year by the Wilmington News Journal. A financial management system is designed to save money not cost more money.

This system has literally cost us Billions of dollars. DFMS is Bernie Madoff of financial accounting. How is the state so mismanaged that electric bills go unpaid by the central system month after month forcing us to pay expensive fees. Electric bills are not a surprise. That is the tip of the iceberg. Wholesale mismanagement is costing us more money than anyone knows because no one can get a handle on it with the current system.

The best budget reform legislation that anyone could introduce would be a joint resolution to establish a commission to find a new financial management system. The reform of the vendor system started in 2004 and will not even go live until 2010. Whenever I hear a hybrid approach being discussed, I get concerned. Let’s study this and see if we can go world class instead of poverty class. Fixing part of the problem and introducing new complexities doesn’t seem like change that excites me. Let’s get a blue ribbon commission on this now.



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