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Who was it that said voters want higher taxes 20 May, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Tax Hikes.
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California voters did not get the memo which said higher taxes are great. They are suppose to want more taxes and every increasing government. I guess the tea party folks have a little company.

The demagogues who promise that government can solve every problem for free are partially to blame for the mess that is California’s 42 billion dollar shortfall. The irreconcilable unions that demand unsustainable benefits instead of looking at other options which will serve there needs are partially to blame. California voters are to blame as well.

The voters had a chance to enact reforms supported by the governor and opposed by the special interests. Governor Schwarzenegger warned voters that this was in their future if they did not support his reforms. Instead voters approved more spending in the next election. Now some blame him for bowing to their demands. We as voters have to understand that it is our government and we are ultimately responsible. Forcing the state lawmakers to reform California government without running to the tax well and cutting off their pay raises until it happens may have been the first step.

Congratulations, on waking up California. May this be the first step in a journey to an economic renewal of a beautiful state with terrific people.



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