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Dover Citizens Rally Against Same Sex Marriage 28 May, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

The issue of Same Sex Marriage brought out a crowd even larger than the Comprehensive plan. People were not in agreement with the notion that our city should push for marriages of people who by definition can’t be marriage partners. Some opponents seemed a little over the top. “This world is on its way to destruction if you allow this to pass,” stated one young, 18 year old gentleman who just started what will hopefully be a journey of activism. Ok. Fortunately, I doubt that I will get to see if he is right because the outpouring from the community killed this issue. Even if the commission manages to pass the resolution, it would be dead on arrival to city council.

In my opinion, the stars of the evening were not mentioned in the news story. Nicole Theis of the Delaware Family Policy Council was incredible. Her talk produced the greatest applause of the night and reminded us all of the importance of family and the value its unity gives to children. One the other side was an 18 year old young lady (senior from Polytech) who claimed to be who claimed to be bisexual. She did not intend to speak but gave a very effective impromptu speech. She calmly expressed her wonder on how her choice of love would destroy the world. Rev. Anthony Wallace rallied the pro marriage side with insights and facts which definitely inspired the commissioners to start taking notes. I was told that my testimony was impactful by some members of the commission (most importantly) as well as members of the public, but I was not left out of the news story.



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