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Let’s get those greedy job creators 1 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Jobs, Tax Hikes.

Guest Post from Joe Isuzu –wink (A wink is as good as nudge to a blind bat.)
Maryland had a very successful experiment with a millionaire income tax surcharge. It changed state revenues by an 100 million dollars. Did I say that it lost 100 million dollars when 1000 or 1/3 of the millionaires moved? Oh, well I considered it a success because the more you tax something the less you tend to get of it. I love the proposals to do same in Delaware. I fully support them. Let’s set a goal for our state and follow suit. The more the state taxes fall, the more likely we will have smaller and more efficient government. We need to punish the job creators to teach them that they aren’t the bosses of us. They need to sacrifice or leave.

John Kowalko and several others have it all planned out. The Republican minority could block it, but they understand the value of a good tax increase so let’s make it temporary for 3 years. Maybe we won’t make them leave, we will just play chicken with the train. Let’s show the rich that both parties are willing to give it to them.

I am so happy that we can follow NY, NJ, and MD. I am proud that we are finally going to stand up to the rich guys making over 60K. Well, that’s how we will get the rich to stay. We will tell them misery enjoys company and punish the middle class too.

I am especially overjoyed that while we talk about these tax increases, we will put reform of our state financial mismanagement system on the back burner and throw the equivalent of the tax increase out into the back dumpster. We don’t need to make any reforms. We need to transfer more wealth to government to save our economy.

Thank you all. I am Joe Isuzu, and I wrote this article.

Here is a Baltimore Sun quote from one of the selfish millionaires. It shows the bad attitude of some of these greedy types. Good riddance, I say.

The implication from one of the people you quoted is that people in my position would never ‘move’ for a 1 or 1.5% tax difference [the millionaire bracket for the income tax]. Are you kidding me? I grew up poor. A $32,000 tax difference is VERY real, even for someone in my position. That’s how much we saved in 2008, filing in Virginia and not in Maryland (besides the millionaires tax, base rates are lower here). The bottom line is that Maryland… lost more than $150,000 in [total] annual income taxes from my family alone that would not have been lost if it were not for the O’Malley administration’s confiscatory extra tax grab.



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