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Guest Post No Taxes Until Death 4 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Don submitted this for your consideration. He has a more detailed web site notaxuntildeath.com

David, Just a little food for thought, maybe we can get a debate going?

“Life without Income Tax” will:

1. Reduce individual income tax to Zero.
2. Lower employment taxes to 2%.
3. Give retirees more money each month than Social Security.
4. Allow “stay at home moms” to have a retirement account.
5. Raise the minimum wage.
6. Lower the trade deficit.
7. Strengthen the family.
8. Simplify the IRS tax code.
9. Lower the cost of goods and services.
10. Provide money to:
Pay for health care.
Buy a home.
Send our children to college.

This is how it works:

1. Individuals would save 5% of their income each year in their own retirement account.
2. At retirement, the assets in the account will pay interest only payments each month. The principal is never spent and is left in the account until death. After death the assets in the account are converted to cash and paid to the U.S. Treasury.
3. After 40 years, with all Americans participating, this concept would generate more income to the U.S. Treasury than the present income tax system.

Thanks, Niftytax….Needs of Individuals First Then You TAX.



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