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Palin 14 for 14 in Ethics Complaints 5 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Sarah Palin.

In a blatant abuse of the ethics process, political enemies of Sarah Palin have filed complaints about everything from the logo on a jacket the Governor wore to her having a reporter drop by the office for an interview. She just won her 14th victory. The most serious complaint was the Troopergate fraud. Two investigations by the ethics board and the pension board cleared her. The other complaints were done just to cost her money and hope something would stick.

They would file bogus complaints. The left wing blogs would then claim she is under an ethical cloud. Some media outlet would pick up the story at face value. It was designed to make her damaged goods. It has worked only a little. She is the 3rd most popular Republican in America after General Powell and Senator McCain and in a 3 way tie for preference for President on the GOP side.

Intentionally filing bogus complaints should have a penalty. The people who did this should have to pay her legal fees. The laws need to be revisited.



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