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D-Day Plus 65– Let’s not give away what they earned 6 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Tributes.

Over 215,000 allied soldiers and a similar number of Germans paid a very high price indeed for the expansionist tyranny of Hitler in the battles of D-Day and the following 3 months in the Normandy area. Unknown numbers of civilians had their lives disrupted. Many died or became war refuges. Yet like seeds blown in a terrible storm, freedom sprouted out from the debris and has sheltered the world.

The price paid by the men who stormed those shores can not be overstated. Let’s not give away what they earned through laziness, an unwillingness to persevere through the tough times, or a culture of ignorance regarding our heritage of liberty.

My uncle suffered injury by a grenade in the European theater of WW2. He doesn’t really talk about it. So it is up to those of us who have an inkling of understanding of the sacrifice those men faced to keep the fire they lit burning. They stood for faith in God and faith in the freedom and dignity of the human spirit to fly high in freedom. Let us do the same. Let the Army of Liberty roll on.



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