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Santa Claus blasts Materialism at Christmas–ah Obama calls for Paygo 10 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Budget, federal, President Obama.

President Obama seeks the Fiscal Responsibility Mantle about 10 Trillion Dollars late. After multiplying the deficit 4 fold, the President called for a Pay through the nose law. He lectured Congress on fiscal responsibility. In other news, Santa Clause called for dialing back materialism at Christmas.

I thought it would be interesting to see where the deficit was before Democrats passed Paygo in 2007. Republican spend thrifts 150+ billion dollar deficit. Democrat Congress 400 billion dollar deficit. Democrat Congress and President 1.8 Trillion dollar deficit.

Democrats complaining about Republican over spending is like a husband complaining about his wife charging a $1000 on a credit card when he just came back from buying a luxury car and writing a home equity check for a new boat pulled by a debt funded RV.



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