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Term Limits Failed 14 July, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Revolutionary Reform.

Term Limits were the cure all reform mantra. If we get out those long time guys with out dated ideas, everything will be alright. The truth that we see is that having a CA situation where 1/2 of the state senate is no longer accountable to voters does not lead to better government. Maybe it is time to rethink them. Legislative term limits has not given us a government that works better anywhere. Executive term limits seem to have more value particularly if they are not a life time ban.

The nature of the legislature is that it represents the will of the people. Power is not concentrated (if the rules are designed properly) as in the executive. When the the legislature is no longer accountable to the people for its survival, it becomes a tool of tyranny and corruption. The legislator may spend his last term trying to please the next employer not the current one.

Term limits also belie the fact that it doesn’t matter if we have stationary socialists or revolving door socialists. What we need is an informed electorate which values liberty, prosperity, tradition, and the constitutional philosophy. The problem is not that we have poor legislators even though we do in many cases. The problem is that we are looking toward the wrong type of people. Term limits make this even worse because when you get a good one and they start making progress, you toss them out. The true solution will be found in educating the electorate not random shuffles



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