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What’s the Rush 16 July, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Our honored and distinguished President has urged that Congress pass a health bill by the August recess. On cue, the Senate health education, and labor committee passed a bill out of committee. The problem is that the bill is missing scoring and incomplete. It sort of misses a financing mechanism for starters.

Rushing a bill out happens sometimes. Rushing a serious bill with 1000 pages which will fundamentally affect the lives and health of all Americans is irresponsible. Our President is not known for acting irresponsibly. One has to ask what is driving him? The poll numbers have reversed in the past two weeks. Opposition to health care reform as proposed by the President. Two weeks ago it was favored 50% to 45% and now it is opposed 49% to 46%. Opposition by Independents is up 12 points.

The motivation for trying to rush this bill through before it is studied seems to be based upon pure political considerations not the best interests of Americans. If that is true, that is a crying shame.
Please call, write and email our delegation to Washington and tell them to pledge to read the bill before it is voted upon.



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