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Castle: I was never convinced Cap and Trade was a particularly good bill 17 July, 2009

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I can imagine an interview with Rep. Castle. Congressman, then why did you vote for it? Well it was tough 51-49% How would you know when you had not even been privileged to see the bill? I met with Nancy Pelosi and she told me it was going to be changed to address any legitimate concerns. Did your leadership ask you to at least hold your vote back until last to pressure wavering Democrats? I told them to stuff it and was one of the first to vote for it. Did they ask you not to vote for it. I don’t recall. I actually had my staff run interference and tell them I was a supporter then hung out in Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s offices to avoid them.

Do you think this is fictional? It is not too far off. Read the report in the TheHill.com, but have your aspirin ready.

Following meetings with Democratic leaders — including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) — Castle was one of eight Republicans who supported the bill, which narrowly passed House late last month, 219-212.

“Even voting for it, I was 51-49 percent because I never was convinced that was a particularly good piece of legislation,” Castle said.

GOP leaders tell a different story.

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) says that he did talk to Castle about voting no on the Democrats’ cap-and-trade bill.

And a GOP leadership aide familiar with the Republican whipping effort said, “Mr. Castle and his office were contacted a number of times and were whipped throughout the week. Leadership received the same answer with every conversation and contact: Mr. Castle was a ‘yes’ vote on the cap-and-trade legislation.”

The Republican staffer said leadership asked Castle to “hold his vote until the very end of the 15-minute vote to make passage of this legislation harder for the Democrats. Curiously for an undecided member, he was one of the first Republicans” to register his support on the floor.



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