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Tea Party Silent no More 10 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Dover, Event.


Photo By Maria Evans of DelawarePolitics.net

For videos and more pictures go to DelawarePolitics.net

The event was well attended. I don’t know how many people were present do to the fluid nature of the event. I counted around 500 at one point, but with it being a 4 hour event that was only a snap shot I have heard 750 or more. We had the pleasure of meeting scores of our readers and a few of our commenters. That was one of my highlights. Thank you all for attending and a great number of you for participating in our Delaware Politics survey. Maria will tell us if we found Waldo, the insurance lobbyist (who liberals say is behind the movement) at the rally. He certainly forgot to charter the bus or give organizational grants. Hey, Waldo send your grant forms to depolitics@gmail.com and we will get them out to everyone. (I won’t hold my breath.)

The people who attended were a credit to Dover and the movement. They had spirit but weren’t rowdy. They were attentive, passionate, and looking for information. Book sales were the hot item. I don’t think any one could keep the 5000 year leap or Glen Beck’s Common Sense around for long. I am going to give a review on the 5000 year leap that I obtained in the future. What really impressed me was the way the people took care of the grounds. I had been to many rallies, but this was one of neatest. People picked up after themselves by the time it was over all we had to do was pack up and leave. I didn’t see one piece of trash.



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