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Delaware’s Jack Markell a mixed bag so far 17 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

The Budget was passed on time and balanced (even if part of it was on the already strained backs of taxpayers) and for the first time in a 30 years it was smaller than the previous budget. Real education reform was passed which will test students in real time, reward successful teachers, and cut extraneous regulations. The beginning of a renewable energy industry strategy was laid down. The Economic Development office was reordered to help Delaware businesses as well as attract new ones. The state finances are more transparent to the public and the state government is more open. He has made quality appointments in a state known for a touch of cronyism. For all of these achievements, I applaud Governor Jack Markell.

In spite of his achievements in the first session, I am not ready sign up for the fan club. The governor is undermining the long term economic viability of this state with an energy rationing scheme forcing a 15% future cut in energy sales. He is committed to an insane and unsupported idea of a man made global warming crisis.

Instead of making strategic reordering, the governor tried to make short term budget fixes and long term tax increases which was only blunted by the Republican minority in house. The governor’s agenda to expand gaming lacked economic sense. 3 new casinos would be unsustainable. He would trade short term boosts in revenue for a long run gutting of the goose. He is bent on one of the most radical left wing social agendas in America. He achieved a gay rights victory this session, but was not satisfied. He insisted on going where the legislature specifically rejected when he added “gender identity” to his executive order on civil rights. He undermined efforts in his own Democratic party to protect marriage with a constitutional amendment.

His budget instincts were short term cuts and long term tax increases. If we lose the 2/5’s plus one minority status for Republicans that is exactly what we shall have. Everything has not been openness and light. There have been a few issues still. Some obvious waste is still flowing unimpeded state government.

The Governor has been a mixed bag. It will be interesting to see next session were that mix ends up.



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