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Balance, Cut, and Save 26 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, Budget, Tax Hikes.

Here is the newest and soon to be hottest petition on the Internet from Governor Mike Huckabee.

The Constitution starts with “WE THE PEOPLE” and it’s time you start remembering that.

American families on a daily basis make hard choices in order to live within their means.

Why can’t Congress and our federal government do the same?

I urge you to work towards balancing the budget.

I urge you to cut our taxes so families can save more and to cut the wasteful spending that is mortgaging the future of generations of Americans and severely limiting their ability to prosper.

Instead of your own re-election, put families in your district and state first.

I am signing this simple: “BALANCE, CUT, SAVE” petition because I believe it is these three things that you should remember when making decisions about new spending, taxes and health care in the weeks ahead.

If you stick to these guiding lights, you can’t go wrong.

Mr. President and members of Congress, I’ve kept it simple for you:


That’s what should guide you in your decisions in the week’s ahead. My family can’t afford the decisions you are making on my behalf so I am signing this petition to remind you of what is important:

My Family, My Country And My Freedom.


1. Eugene E Brown Jr - 1 October, 2009

The White House and Congress is driving this country in the wrong direction. The virtues which made this country great, rich and powerful are being abandoned. Our forebears believed in integrity, sincerity, rewarding hard work and thrift. This adminstrations spending policies will encumber many furture generations to pay for the financial excesses enacted and under consideration.
I believe we should stop this mad excess spending will lead us to disaster and turn us into a has ben powr.

2. dave byers - 1 October, 2009

i agree. stop the waste. you work for us!

3. James E. Wimp - 1 October, 2009

please add my name to this petition, i tired of both parties spending.

4. Roger Hilton - 1 October, 2009

Theirs a reason why the consitution has the words We the People!!
Lets Roll!!

5. Bob Risberg - 1 October, 2009

Wake up Washington You work for us

6. Patt Asker - 3 October, 2009

we the people are speaking loud and clear….listen to what we are saying and remember that we pay your salaries….you work for us …. we do not work for you and do not have any intention of becoming socialists

7. Sandra Csombok - 3 October, 2009

For all concerned. You received our vote of confidence that you would represent “we the people”. Our best interest, our families. We trusted you. Please, balance the budget. Cut the spending. That is simple arithmetic. Live within your means. That doesn’t mean use all of America’s money to do as you please. Quit overspending. Be an example for this nation, not “Do as I say BUT don’t do as I do.” I’ve heard that most of my childhood years. Please don’t make me have to hear it again in my retirement years.

I am praying for this nation and you all are included in it. Please ask God before making major decisions.

Thank you,

Sandra Csombok

8. jerome flayler - 3 October, 2009

please add my name jerome and my wife wanda flayler to your petition. thank you jerome &wanda flayler jflayler@woh.rr.com

9. Mitch Pendleton - 3 October, 2009

Who do you work for? In case you forgot thats US!

10. Constance Leighton - 4 October, 2009

Please remember who you work for. ME and all Americans. Listen to the people.

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