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Mid Alantic Region frought with pesimism about government 4 September, 2009

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VirginiaIn an act of political desperation aided by the Washington Post Crowd, Senator Craig Deeds is trying to inflate a 20 year old master’s thesis from McDonnell into the central issue of the campaign. The paper was not some radical revolutionary dogma, but one which tackled the cultural revolution from an academic perspective. Attempts to lift some phrases out of it to make McDonnell appear to oppose wives working outside of the home will be interesting fodder, but the 15 year public record of McDonnell and his own daughters’ work and service to our country in the war zone will make it seem more like desperation on Deeds’ part. People want solutions to transportation, education, taxes, guns, protecting VA parental notification rights, and jobs.

What is more intriguing is an argument over abortion exceptions between former Senator Allen supporters and Ag McDonnell’s supporters. In practical public policy it is silly to have such an argument in public. There is no policy difference but the division is being used to attempt to say McDonnell is too far to the right for even George Allen. That is not what is being said, but I think that has more potential down side for McDonnell. A sabotage of McDonnell by the exceptions crowd could open a national wound in the pro-life movement.

New York We get to take a break from the usual dysfunctional government report. New York’s legislature passed a bill which would allow email notifications for sex offenders who move into any of three zip codes the user chooses. It “brings Megan’s law into the digital age”. The bill awaits the Governor’s signature.

Speaking of broken government, most New Yorkers believe their government is among the worst in the nation. 2% believe it is among the best. In other news (sarcasm alert) 3% believe the tooth fairy would make a fine state senator. As if on cue, a new analysis of the New York Senate shows that Democrats have only passed 1/3 of the legislation that Republicans did when they had control last year.

Governor Patterson is vetoing a series of spending bills that are special home district favors.
Considering the state has a 2.1 billion dollar short fall, one has to wonder about the legislature.

State Republicans will get a new leader. Joe Mondello is not seeking another term as state Chairman. Ed Cox and Henry Wojtaszek are the top competitors for the chairmanship.

New Jersey The Debate schedule has been established for the Governor’s race. The slime trust running the Corzine campaign rejoices in the fact that they have increased doubts about Chris Christie with their barrage of negative attacks during NJN’s On the Record this past Sunday. The problem is that they ignore that the public is having fewer doubts about their guy. Over 60% have now decided they don’t want him back. Corzine has even lost support among Democrats in what is beginning to become a backlash.

Democrats nervous about the looming Christie victory have decided upon a new strategy. They called in the House Judiciary Subcommittee (sarcasm moment) for political smears. The Cohen D-TN subcommittee has given Christie until September 4th to answer additional questions regarding deferred prosecution agreements.

Delaware The 37th district special election had its final debate. Both sides declared victory. Robinson supporters particularly praised the style of their candidate. Milton Police Chief William Phillips is back and he wants to arrest the political careers of his opponents including the mayor. Instead of a graceful victory lap, he called for their resignations.

Maryland Even House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is not exempt from public pressure on the healthcare front. He finally held a town hall, which he called the best attended in his career. Pro and con house health care reform participants were both heard. The Congressman was flanked by security (after seeing DNC ads he must have been concerned) but the constituents wanted to be heard not initiate an overthrow of the government which is forbidden under Title 18.2385 of the U. S. Code.

Pennsylvania The legislature is lazy said Governor Rendell. That is why PA is the last state without a budget. The fact the governor vetoed it because he wanted 300 million in more spending and higher taxes to make up for a couple billion dollar shortfall had nothing to with it. The governor has not met with legislative leaders for 52 days and counting, but they are the ones stuck with “ideology, partisanship and laziness”. It is small wonder that Pennsylvanians are not much more optimistic than New Yorkers.

Teachers in the Keystone state seem to need more education about economics and budgets. They are striking all over the state to demand more money. It makes one wonder if the students are missing much.
Other state’s teachers seem content with protecting what they already gained.

Sestack and Toomey had their own healthcare debate without Specter. It gained national attention in what may very well be the preview of the senate race. Toomey had a chance to get in the forefront of the issue by becoming the statewide voice against a government takeover of health care, while Sestack became the leading voice in the state for a public option. It showed Specter on both sides of the issue. It was a brilliant move by both men.



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