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Delaware and NJ heat up the Mid-Atlantic 11 October, 2009

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Delaware The first state actually garnered the most attention with the entrance of Congressman Castle into the open senate race to replace VP Biden and Senator Carper being on national programs to defend his statement that the health bill is incomprehensible so why bother reading it. We also had mortgage foreclosure aid –Peterson and Military Spouse Appreciation Day–Scott signed into law.

The Castle candidacy changes the dynamic of state. Because he did not make a deal of the candidate already in the race, Ms. O’Donnell, he has upset the truce between the party right and center and launched an ideological primary. He opens up a Congressional seat in which there will be a primary on the Democratic side which is favored to be won by former Lt. Governor John Carney. On the Republican side there will likely be one unless the Convention can once again be the arbiter. For this to work people have to stop treating people who accept the convention’s judgment as if they lost a race. They choose not to run for party unity. That should be praised not panned. I am hearing various names. State Auditor Tom Wagner is the favorite among delegates with whom I spoke, but none thought he would run. I think he would be the best candidate. Some think Mike Protack will run, but rumor has it that he is mulling county council. The name that hear is favored by party insiders according to the rumor mill not official sources, is former state Senator Charlie Copeland. Current state senator Colin Bonini is running for state treasurer. If State auditor Tom Wagner stays put, he will be favored. Rumor has it that Ferris Wharton is mauling another run for Attorney General if AG Biden runs for Senate. If so, this would be a powerful team. There would be the potential of 5 for 5 (with either senate candidate) though I think running Wagner for House and Copeland for auditor would be more likely to reap those results. The GOP currently has only 2 of 9 statewide offices.

New Jersey The Governor’s race tightens but the underlying numbers are strongly in Christie’s favor. Governor Corzine does not poll over 44% and has a 61% does not deserve reelection number. Christie has a solid 47%. The undecideds have already decided against Corzine and will either not vote or come home for Christie. A few percentage may go for Daggett. No matter the scenario I do not see the smear campaign succeeding. The negatives for the party are being driven so high that Democrats may see themselves lose the state assembly. Though they lead in fundraising for the assembly, they do not have the advantage of 4 years ago.

New York The New York Times took on Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel calling them hypocritical for campaigning against a culture of corruption and not dealing with their own when they have problems. They just noticed?

Democrat State Senator Hiram Monserrate is now facing the jury in his trial for cutting the face of his girl friend in a jealous rage. Republicans may end up with the senate back if all of the Democrats under investigation or indictment lose it by next year. They need only one seat.

Governor Patterson is fighting for budget cuts. Legislative Leaders are too busy in China to worry about his deadlines though.

Table games are closer to reality. The state senate is forging a compromise between the gaming industry and the Democrats in the state house. The state has gone 100 days without a budget. One paper had a comprehensive take on it with 100 reasons we have been without a budget for 100 days.

Republicans have another top tier candidate for 2010 challenging for Congress.

Senator Specter fights for the release of 3 Americans held in Iran.

Republican Tom Corbett is leading all challengers right now in the race for Governor.

Maryland Maryland has finally exploded in unemployment despite stimulus cash. Some people are literally moving to get ready for 2010. Republicans are lining up to see who is running for Governor. Delegate O’Donnell tires of waiting and is in.

Virginia McDonnell increases his lead to 9 points in all polls. He even leads in Northern Virginia. The race won’t be the only issue getting voters in Fairfax County out. The Petition signatures to create a special rail/metro tax district have been confirmed.



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