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Lt. Governor Carney touchy about Minner in run for Congress 20 October, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Why is it that high minded campaigning is attacking Republican records, but it is a personal smear to recount a Democrat’s record? I like John Carney personally, but I choke on nonsense like this. I understand that defending his record may be tough, but stooping to silly responses will only make people think about it. Mr. Carney needs to talk about the future or else he will be the past. He either needs to explain that he learned from the past or defend it. He can not run away from it. Just out of curiosity, what has Lt. Governor Carney done in the last 9 years besides help Governor Minner run the state?

Even without a Republican in the field, the National Republican Congressional Committee is going after Carney. An e-mail described his record as “consisting solely of helping Gov. Minner do her best to run Delaware into the ground.”

Carney knew what he had to do after he was slammed. Like any good politician, he figured he could use it to raise money. An e-mail of his own went out.

“The National Republican Party has already started launching personal negative attacks against me,” Carney tut-tutted.



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