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Mid Alantic Region just two weeks out from off year election 22 October, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in around the region, Election 2009/2010.

Democrats lose big vote on Stabenow bill to eliminate the fake Medicare cuts because it was not paid for. Over a dozen Democrats joined Republicans to defeat the measure 47 to 53. In the mid-Atlantic, only our Virgina Senators cared about paying for the proposal. Our moderate Carper, Gilibrand, Casey, and Specter favored adding a quarter trillion to the national debt.

New Jersey Gov. John Corzine can not even release his charitable contributions without taking an unrelated jab at Mr. Chris Christie. So far this year, the Governor’s foundation has generously given $191,770. I applaud his generosity. The Governor has spent $15,600,000 of his own money so far on the campaign. In the last campaign he spent slightly more nearly $19,000,000, but in the last 20 days he doubled that to $40,000,000. He is expected to at least double his spending so far this time as well. A hundred million in campaigns so far for Governor and Senate and hundreds of thousands in donations. There is nothing wrong with it, but maybe that is why the governor drew attention from truly generous giving by attacking his opponent so no one would make any comparisons.

Christie is still leading most of the polls, but the Independent candidate, Daggett is drawing a lot of voters. His support is firming and he may well get 10%. If he gets above 20% then Christie is in a lot of trouble. Christie’s advisers convinced him to be vague and avoid a specific plan so Corzine couldn’t attack it. The local republican activists pleaded with him to announce a plan and take the game home. Instead, Daggett came out with one and jumped mightily in the polls. So much for consultants leading the way. Fortunately, Corzine’s negatives are so high that he will still lose.

New York Fred Thompson, Jerri Thompson, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and now Sarah Palin are all backing the Conservative candidate in New York’s 23 district over the Republican liberal Scozzafava, who favors card check, the stimulus, government health care, abortion, gay marriage, more government spending, and tax hikes. She has gained the endorsement of the unions but is sinking in the polls as the electorate in the Republican district learned of her positions. I agree with the Washington Times which called for her to stand down based upon her aids calling the police on a reporter for asking tough questions, but she doesn’t care about the party. The Republican party did not hold a primary but the 11 county affected by the district choose her as a compromise on the third ballot. The Choice has split the House GOP leadership and the party both locally and nationally.

Governor Patterson is now Governor Panderson. He is pushing gay marriage declared a state disaster emergency after the state finally closed a dilapidated bridge so that contract rules can be waived, and reversed the mandatory vaccination of health care workers for the H1N1. He has also made a deal to put off dealing with New York’s deficit in a special session.

Lobbyists seem to have been slapped with fines for giving over the limits. Democrat Senator girl friend slasher Monsserrate is facing calls from colleagues for his resignation, but they won’t push him out so far.

Maryland even the Maryland bloggers have said not much is going on. My skipping of Maryland last week was not due to any disrespect for our Marylanders. This week we have opposition to a wind farm in western Maryland and the governor asking his school superintendents to start being frugal. The unions say just tap into the rainy day fund.

Slots in Maryland have run into more problems due to the bureaucratic zoning boards. The bad news for Delaware is that a slots parlor for Cecil County finally has its license.

Virginia Democrats are starting to explain why Deeds will lose. That is never a good position to be in. Republican McDonnell is now up to a 19 point lead and is beginning to bring the entire ticket along on his coattails. Virgina may see all three offices and both houses go Republican. Right now only the house and Attorney General McDonnell’s seat are Republican. Democrat Shannon is desperately trying to play the race card in the AG race.

Delaware John Carney thought he would be making news due to his fundraising for the congressional seat, but his fundraising for his business made more news here. The story was picked up by local talk radio both north and south. The papers may get it eventually.

Governor Markell is America’s most underrated governor according to a survey found by those other guys.

Pennsylvania Racial politics has emerged in the Philadelphia district attorney’s race. Some people were offended by the defense of the Democrat DA’s office death penalty prosecutions by the Republican candidate in a debate two weeks ago. He must be racially insensitive they discovered two weeks prior to the election. In the typical brawl they call politics in Philly, the candidate showed up to the press conference alled by State Sen. Anthony Williams, NAACP president J. Whyatt Mondesire, and the Rev. Audrey Brunson, president of Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity. He challenged them to blame the people who were in charge of the office (all Democrats including the candidate they were backing) if they believed this were true.

Table games still under negotiation.

One local newspaper reports on who’s who in a local corruption scandal. it is a long list.


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