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Taxes Matter 1 November, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Tax Hikes.

TABOR is back and will be worth watching in two liberal leaning states. Maine and Washington are poised to pass Tax and Spending measures which limit spending growth to population plus inflation. Those will be as interesting and more of a national indicator than even the Governor’s races which have personalities and other issues involved.

NJ, Chris Christie will likely edge out a victory because of fiscal and economic troubles with the state and quite frankly concern that the Democrats will try to impose gay marriage. The reason that Christie may keep Daggett at bay is the marriage issue. Christie would have this race in a runaway except that he refused to discuss specifics about his tax plan. When Daggett came out with a real plan no matter how imperfect, it sent his numbers soaring. Why? Taxes matter.

In Virginia, Craig Deeds killed his campaign this summer when his transportation plan opened him up to tax increase charges. McDonnell has a consistent record of being a full spectrum conservative. The choice was clear.

I think the victory one Tuesday will be a Tea Party victory. It will be one for the restraint of government. Democrats will ignore it at their peril. Republicans must embrace it or the Hoffman and Daggett phenomena will be their peril.



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