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Mid Alantic in the New Year 8 January, 2010

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New Jersey keeps marriage between a man and a woman with the state senate voting down efforts to scrap civil unions and redefine marriage. Now the state can focus on the out of wack budget and weak economy.

Maryland’s largest city is getting a new mayor with the resignation of Shelia Dixon as part of a plea deal.

New York’s governor is seeking to raise the cap on charter schools after a national study showed that they may hurt charter performance. Pensioner’s who trusted the post office over the bank found out their faith was misplaced. Thousands of checks were lost in the mail in the western NY district. Direct deposits went without a hitch.

Virginia’s new governor is appointing his cabinet. He has tapped a technology CEO to be his secretary of technology and fix the mess left by the previous occupants. The Democrats suffered a set back in their hopes for claiming the state senate seat vacated by the new AG. Their candidate doesn’t live in the district and just rented a home for $600 a month that he does not live in to run for the special election.

Pennsylvania’s house and senate have finally agreed to add table games to their gaming mix. So much for the great gaming strategy of Delaware’s governor Markell. I am sure that people will drive past two or three to come here especially after we just repealed the exemption of lottery (all of our games are technically state lotteries) winnings from state income tax.



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