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Focus on the Delaware House 1 August, 2010

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By Donald Ayotte
Conservative Crossroads Staff Writer

One of the hottest and most important races in Delaware is in full gear, with Republican Candidate, Chris Weeks’ ground troops campaigning door to door for Delaware’s Fourteenth Representative District Seat.

Weeks is challenging incumbent Peter Schwartzkopf, the House Majority Leader for the privilege of representing the people of the fourteenth district. No matter where you live in Delaware, the results of this race will affect you.

Chris has been married to his wife Lauri for 17 years and has three children. “I’ve been an employee all my life and have been held accountable for my actions. As an elected representative of the fourteenth district, I expect to be held accountable for my actions. With me, it’s all about serving my constituency,” said Weeks.

Weeks stated that, much like retiring Representative George Carey, he probably wouldn’t sponsor a lot of legislation and doesn’t ever want to think of himself as a legislator but wants to be thought of as a representative.

“The people of Delaware, and especially the fourteenth district need a breath of fresh air when it comes to representation,” said Weeks. “I’m ready to debate my opponent Pete Schwartzkopf, anytime or anyplace.”

“Far too many politicians want to be quarterbacks. I see the job as being the lineman, clearing the way for working people to do what they need to do. Representatives need to be just that, the representatives of the people. This seat in the state legislature is not Pete Schwartzkopf’s seat, it’s not my seat, it’s the people’s seat.,” said Weeks.

Speaking about jobs, Weeks stated that the engine that drives jobs in the fourteenth district is tourism. He stated that a multitude of businesses in the district are driven by the tourism industry and those businesses hire many people. Weeks said that many legislators have a limited view of the tourism industry. “They need to have a larger oversight of the importance of the tourism industry to our district and not drive the tourist to other locations by legislating heavy taxes and fees.

Statewide, Weeks believes that there is not a magic bullet to rebuild the job market in Delaware but instead, America needs to regain its manufacturing capability to create jobs.

Weeks is one of many professional class Americans that never wanted to become a politician. He doesn’t consider himself a politician but instead a concerned citizen who wants to serve the people of the fourteenth district and Delaware in making competent decisions for the people of his district.

This new class of candidates is not only showing up in Delaware but can be found in many states throughout the US. They are concerned citizens that are working class people not professional politicians but instead they are people who love America and want to help their fellow Americans.

Republished by permission from a new email newsletter Conservative Crossroads. Contact depolitics@gmail.com to be forwarded to it.


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