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Natural Law applies to Economic Crisis 12 October, 2010

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Where does Natural Law, the 10 Commandments, our Republic, and Glen Urquhart
come together?

Since man’s beginning we have had to deal with weakness and
vulnerability. Moses and the 10 Commandments(1200 BC) helps,
Natural Law helps, and Religion plays a key roll.

One tends to overlook religion’s sustained importance in making
our Republic work. The Founders knew children required a found-
action in ethics & morals to rightly support our country throughout life.
Our candidate for the U.S. Congress is in step with our Founders: parents
lay the foundation for morals & ethics using religion as a key teaching tool.
Ask adults where they learned morals and ethics growing up, the answer most
often credits parents and religion.

The “sub-prime” mortgage meltdown is a current example of man’s weakness and
vulnerability where greed took over. We must not abandon the Founder’s formula that has
carried us this far. When jobs come back we will continue to face this challenge.
Vote for Glen Urquhart for congress and visit his web site: Glen4liberty.com
Jerome P. Broussard


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