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My 400th Post–The Courage of the Modern Conservative 24 October, 2010

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“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding,” Justice Louis D. Brandeis.

If you have ever believed it was time to stand up for Americanism, believe it now. Free enterprise, free political expression, freedom of religion, and a free and independent America are at stake in this election.

I believe that American freedom has not been under such an assault since the height of the Cold War. What is worse is that the threat is not from agents overseas, but our own leaders. It is not from those who mean us harm, but those who mean us well.

Hyperbole, No. Let me make my case.

The Regime in Washington has taken every turn to shackle the American economy. The appointed admitted Marxists and Maoists to the highest positions not requiring confirmation. They are trying to impose new restrictions on the Chesapeake watershed which could devastate the Delaware economy. They are pushing new EPA rules on carbon dioxide which would give dangerous unconstitutional power to the EPA to run every aspect of American life in an effort to scare Congress into some form of Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade would cost 2.3 million jobs and each family $1769 to make their rich cronies billions upon billions. They are pushing a tax bill which would cost Delawareans 20,ooo jobs.

They are working overtime to dismantle America’s nuclear deterrent while at the same time eliminating the missile shield which was the result of two decades of work and innovation. We are a weaker nation and more vulnerable than anytime since Jimmy Carter and maybe Peril Harbor.

The courts are being packed with ACLU types who have unleashed a religious cleansing. We are on the verge of a secular/religious apartheid. The courts are trying to wipe America clear of any tradition of based upon faith. They assault the definition of marriage, they assault the right to post the Ten commandments, they assault the right to have a cross at a Veteran’s cemetery, they assault the military’s ability to maintain order and discipline in the middle of a war. Courts threatened to jail Americans for praying over a meal. Nativity scenes are challenged at Christmas. The mere criticism of the distortion of the so called separation of church and state is treated like a crime against the state.

They have raided the middle class to bailout their billionaire friends. We are stuck with the highest sustained unemployment since the Great Depression. The national debt is skyrocketing. We are no longer loaning it to ourselves. What foreign powers are not loaning us, we are printing. We have replaced monetary policy with the insanity that bankrupts nations.

Even the rule of law itself is under assault. The regime in Washington is trying to find backdoor ways to give amnesty to illegals and our own Amnesty John Carney has just declared his intent to back them.

Our values are under assault, our economy is undermined, and the rule of law is undervalued.

My friends it is time to get motivated. We need to fight for our country, our liberty, and our children. We need to tell our friends and our families that they need to get off the fence and in the trenches. This election is not about personalities. It is about survival. We can no longer afford the luxury of Coons, Carney, Flowers, Korn, or your local go along Democrat. The day to make a difference is November 2. If you are going to throw your vote away, stay home. If you are going to be serious, then you will vote for candidates who support the Constitution over those who would undermine it.

Those who won our independence… valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. –Justice Louis Brandice

My fellow patriots, where ever you are join with me in showing that courage necessary to secure that gift of liberty. Let the ring of freedom be heard loudly across America. Let it be heard so loudly that it will be an hundred years before the clanging of the chains of socialism is ever heard again.

Forget the odds. The Voice of Truth says trust, believe, and work for victory. The day is ours.

It’s Official Bonini files for statewide office 25 September, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, Election 2009/2010.
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Get the whole story on Delaware state Senator Colin Bonini’s filing for state Treasurer.  He already has my support.

Balance, Cut, and Save 26 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, Budget, Tax Hikes.

Here is the newest and soon to be hottest petition on the Internet from Governor Mike Huckabee.

The Constitution starts with “WE THE PEOPLE” and it’s time you start remembering that.

American families on a daily basis make hard choices in order to live within their means.

Why can’t Congress and our federal government do the same?

I urge you to work towards balancing the budget.

I urge you to cut our taxes so families can save more and to cut the wasteful spending that is mortgaging the future of generations of Americans and severely limiting their ability to prosper.

Instead of your own re-election, put families in your district and state first.

I am signing this simple: “BALANCE, CUT, SAVE” petition because I believe it is these three things that you should remember when making decisions about new spending, taxes and health care in the weeks ahead.

If you stick to these guiding lights, you can’t go wrong.

Mr. President and members of Congress, I’ve kept it simple for you:


That’s what should guide you in your decisions in the week’s ahead. My family can’t afford the decisions you are making on my behalf so I am signing this petition to remind you of what is important:

My Family, My Country And My Freedom.

Stoptaxing and Delaware Politics Join Rally 8 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item.
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The Tea Party Silent No More Rally will be from 2 to 6 pm. Saturday the 8th at the Legislative Mall in Dover. STOP and sister blog Delawarepolitics.net are having a table at the event. Please attend.

If you wish to know more about it, read this post.

Tomorrow in front of the State Capital in Dover there will be a peaceful assembly rally from 2:00 to 6:00. The theme is Silent No More, because it is time for us as citizens to stop sending representatives to Washington and Dover and then standing by in silence until the next election. Our representatives can’t do the job of representing us when we are silent. Two of the main concerns that will be discussed are government spending and health care. This event was put together by a variety of groups including the Delaware Tea Party, the 9-12 Delaware Patriots, Smart Girl Politics, Campaign for Liberty, Founders Values, S.C.C.O.R., and the Conservative Caucus of Delaware.

DNC attacks first amendment with explosive ad 5 August, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item.
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The Democrats are losing ground according to the polls and evidenced by the disquiet at town halls from Oregon to New York to Texas to Delaware. They have decided not to address the issues the people have passionately brought up. They have decided to characterize people who differ with them as a staged mob. This is so outrageous that it is beyond the pail.

Since when are people not suppose to express their agreement with a speaker by cheering? Are they not allowed to express their collective disagreement with a proposal with a collective response to a question by saying just say no? When did peaceful seated people giving support to one another become a mob? Funny Democrats did the same thing back in the Civil Rights Movement and they did the same thing in the 1990’s to the peaceful rescue movement.

If we let them get away with declaring legitimate reasoned petitioning of the government as as a mob, our liberty will go down the proverbial toilet. They are attacking our freedom of assembly, right to petition government for redress of our grievances, and our freedom of speech, while mocking religion in the same ad (poking fun of the person who was quietly holding a Bible while standing outside of a meeting). Let’s just shred the first amendment completely. Oh, and they attacked freedom of the press by tossing in Rush Limbaugh as an inciter. I never complained about their expressing disagreement with him, but I will say enough when they want to accuse him of inciting mobs that never existed. This is the same tactic used by a President in South America whose name rhymes with Chavez.

Here is my email to the DNC. I encourage you to contact them.

What are you guys doing? This latest ad sends chills down my spine. The idea that peaceful seated people cheering a speaker is now a mob in your eyes is an affront to freedom of speech and the right of the people to assemble and seek redress from their government of grievences. I protest your attack on the First Amendment and respectfully request that you stand down.

Attack on Free Speech–Alert from Jordan Warfel 30 June, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item.

Last night, the Delaware State Senate voted to pass S.B.169, a bill that threatens pro-lifers right to free speech.  In yet another act of defiance toward the public, they voted to pass the bill without a committee hearing or any time for the public to view the bill or voice their concerns.

You can view S.B.169 at http://legis.delaware.gov/LIS/lis145.nsf/vwLegislation/SB+169/$file/legis.html?open The part of the bill that is most concerning is section 2 which could ban “protest, education, or counseling” on public sidewalks within 100 feet of an abortion clinic.  S.B.169 could be used to charge peaceful pro-life protesters and prayer vigil attendees with misdemeanors.  We expect that the House could suspend the rules to pass S.B. 169 without a committee hearing tonight!

3 Reasons to Oppose S.B.169

1.  S.B.169 is purposefully vague.  Terms such as “education,” “counseling,” and “consent” are not well defined and could lead to the violation of the free speech rights of protesters and prayer vigil attendees.  It is so radical that parents would not even be allowed to talk their own daughters out of having an abortion within 100 feet of the abortion clinic.  If your 14 year old daughter decided to have an abortion and you followed her to the abortion clinic to try to change her mind, you would be charged with a misdemeanor!!

2.  S.B. 169 may be unconstitutional.  If the vague language of S.B.126 is used to prohibit free speech on public sidewalks and right of ways, the bill could be struck down in federal court as a violation of the free speech rights afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution.

3.  S.B. 169 will be tied up in court costing the tax payers of Delaware money to defend the bill.  In these hard financial times, the last thing Delaware needs is costly litigation to defend hastily and carelessly passed bills.

Please take the following 2 steps to stop S.B.169.

1.  Find your State Representative and ask them to oppose S.B.169.  You can find there phone numbers at www.delawarefamilies.org.  Call them at their home number first, then their office number.  Communicate the three reasons why we oppose S.B.169.  Also ask them to give us a committee hearing so that we can voice our concerns about the bill.  Always remember who we represent.

2.  If you can manage, please take time to attend the session Tuesday night.  It will go all evening into the early morning hours.  Tuesday is the last night of session this year.  Please consider coming to Legislative Hall one last time this year for a while in the evening to talk to your Representative.

Senior Exemption at Risk 23 June, 2009

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Today, I spoke with a contingent a Legislative Hall regarding the repeal of the Senior exemption. Our group opposes it.

Senator Bonini said, “Its absolutely true – “means testing” (see eliminating for most seniors) the up to $500.00 tax exemption for Senior Citizens is part of Governor Markell’s proposed budget solutions (see his March budget speech). Per usual, there hasn’t been a bill yet – probably will be a late-night June 30th vote. This is a tax increase targeting Senior Citizens exclusively. I don’t know the current status of the proposal, but I know its in the Governor’s and the Democrats budget numbers”.

I think an interesting take is by Frank Knotts.

It is being floated in the usual Delaware style, here in Delaware our legislators don’t just come out and sponsor a bill , first they let it get around that they might sponsor a bill , or in this case might slip one in in the midnight hours at the end of the legislative session.

This time it has to do with the repealing of the tax exemption for seniors of up to five hundred dollars of the school portion of their property tax.

No one is willing to drink the political poison in public yet by saying that they support this idea, though some have said it is possible that a bill of this type could get slipped in at the end of the session. Also Gov. Markell has hinted at support of such a proposal.

Stealing Your Vote 11 June, 2009

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Update: Voted out of committee in Delaware. Contact Your Representatives. This bill has been introduced in all 50 states and passed in 5 and is pending Gubernatorial action in 5 others. So where ever you are, stand up for federalism in your state.

What insanity would possess a person in a small state to support DE HB 198? It is The abolishes Federalism and insures Delawareans don’t matter Act or at least that is what it would be called if we applied truth to labeling.

The Act would disenfranchise Delaware Voters by insuring that regardless who they vote to support in a Presidential election, their electoral votes would go to whomever has the plurality vote in the country not even the majority is required to over ride the wishes of the people of the state. Recounts are not required to be complete in the legislation; it takes a snapshot 6 days before the appointment of the electors.

One has to wonder about the Constitutionality of the measure. It would not allow voters to select the electors, but institute a plebiscite on election day. It allows the voters of other states to bind the voters of our state. It binds the electors to vote a certain way (which has been challenged in other settings) regardless of the intentions of the people who voted in the state.

Imagine if 60% of this state voted for Joe Biden and President Obama but the electors had to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The right of the people to vote for their own Senator to be VP would be gone. Your voice as a state would be eliminated.

In a practical sense, it would be the states handing over their identity and the concept of federalism. We would no longer have the 50 states and D.C. voting as the United States of America. We would have the Republic of America. The states would no longer matter in the Presidential election. This continues the assault which we already see on state primaries. Instead of having to campaign in the states, we now have huge Super Tuesday votes. This has decreased voter contact with the candidates and outrageously increased the cost of the Presidential election. Public financing reform is dead in the primaries and special interests are more influential (this by the very people who promised the opposite.) The two Bushes campaigned in Delaware and so did the Obama-Biden ticket. Do you think that would happen in a national plebiscite? State issues would matter a lot less. The elections would further fall into national media ads and manipulation.

Even more objectionable to me is the fact that it would not take a majority vote to over ride our voice. The vote of the people could be divided into the smallest of factions and their would be no mechanism to have a run off. The current system blunts a divided vote by requiring support all across the country. This would risk minority factionalism. 60% of our state could vote one way and be forced to support a 25% candidate. It would make us Britain. Even most parliamentary governments do not undermine legitimacy by tossing the vote to a small plurality candidate with no input to build a coalition. The current toss into the House of Representatives does that. Such a scenario would lead to unbelievable gridlock and disunity.

This bill is unAmerican in the sense that it is contrary to our traditions and structure. It needs to die in committee today.

Remember When President Obama thought taxing health benefits was wrong 21 May, 2009

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Will President Obama be able to fight off Congressional Democrats’ effort to tax health benefits? They all seemed to agree with him during the campaign now he seems to be moving their direction. I would advise that you contact your delegation on this before the White House caves.

Town Hall For Hope 15 April, 2009

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Do you want real answers to the economic turmoil? Financial expert Dave Ramsey is hosting a nationwide town hall on April 23rd. Go to http://www.townhallforhope.com For site locations follow the link. I have been to other Dave Ramsey events. They worth your time.  The Dover Location is The Pentecostals of Dover on West Denny’s Road.