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How about a real energy policy? Sign the American Solutions Drill here, drill now, pay less petition.
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677  Here it is STOP’s petition against the Minner/Carney Tax hike.

Support open government.  Sign on to the HB4 petition.  See Firststatepolitics link on home page for more details.



1. limewire - 22 December, 2007

Hi boys! Love the site.

2. Kathy Cass - 3 January, 2008

We need the Fair Tax code introduced to re-claim our country and bring back business to this country. Inbedded taxes could make us be more competitive. Special Interests and lobbyists need to be discouaged.
Please help us eliminate 4-15 and the IRS as we know it

3. Jeannie Moreno - 4 January, 2008

I totally agree with the fair tax code. At least with the fair tax code, illegal immigrants would be forced to pay taxes. The way it is now illegals can take advantage by maneuvering to gain the earned income credit. I believe this is a good step if possible.

4. Nancy Norstrom - 12 January, 2008

I’m for any candidate that has the gumption to stand up for the people caught in the clutch of the IRS! This is the most radical change that ANY candidate is proposing. The American people should jump on this bandwagon fast!!!

5. DFR - 13 June, 2009


I made a spreadsheet with my income and taxes/medicare paid. I pay between 17-24% in taxes every year, and I am barely above poverty level.

I am a single 57 year old woman who has been trying to support herself for the past 16 years since my divorce. It has been increasingly difficult. Now at 57 years old I cannot get a good paying job. I have never been able to purchase a home as I have made between 35000.00 to 17000.00 yearly, in the past ten years.

I would like to know where my bailout is and when I can expect help. The disparity between the rich and the so called middle class is becoming bigger and bigger. Why are we surprised that the crime rate has risen, what do we have to loose? Is anyone going to put a stop to overtaxing the lower middle class?

I am ashamed of our government, our politicians, CEOs, large corporations, and the gluttonous rich; who through their greed for the almight dollar have depleted and worn out our beautiful country and the morale of the American people. Shame, shame, shame on the rich who get richer and the greedy American corporations. How much money is enough?

Something has to give.

6. Roger and Edna Greenway - 3 October, 2009

Please count us in on signing the petition

7. tired of being there puppet - 6 January, 2010

Government politicians in and out in 4 years all there health care free and i have to pay,didnt they put there pants on one leg at a time i did this morning and i will the each day i am able to get up .My health care cost me one pay check a month my child support one paycheck a month taxes i payhalf of my salary a month then i like to eat i paid more taxes when paying that bill you know in new york state gas is back up to three bucks a gallon. most of that taxes lets get control of how your money is spent not on officials parties . they dont invite me to there parties that was paid by our taxes.
yes i am very tired of this free country. no other country would let illegal alliens in and give money to start up a buisness and not have to pay taxes for five years sure they deserve nno taxes because i was never not allowed not to pay my taxes and ive been here all my life.

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