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Our Vision

It seems no special interest is left behind. Even foreign companies seem to find the ear of our government when they want to lease our infrastructure. The average citizen seems to be like Dilbert. He works hard, but has no voice in the decisions. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people seems to be devolved into government in spite of the people.

If it is that way, it is our fault. The founders of this great nation gave us all the tools we needed for self governance. We just need to be an informed citizenry who acts upon that information. Our elected officials seek input because knowing what people want is the easiest way for them to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, most people have become disconnected from those who represent them. We are restoring that connection.

We are going to provide solid information and contact information as well as regular meetings to allow interaction between officials of all levels of government, particularly local and state and the public. We will train, coordinate, and encourage citizens to research and testify on topics of interest to them before appropriate committees. We will become the taxpayer’s advocacy in our communities. We will educate the community and seek involvement of our fellow citizens at events, through petitions, newsletter, letters to the editor, news-releases, and webblog. The model we will use is the enormously successful United We Stand America-DE Inc. Statewatch committee and Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition of the ’90’s (we are not affiliated with these organzations).

Come join us. It is time to break the habit of apathy and impact our community.

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