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STOP The Minner-Carney Tax Hike on Working Families!

STOP has launched a petition drive to ask the Co-Chairs of the Delaware General Assembly Joint Finance Committee to avoid raising the Gas Tax, doubling tolls, 50% jump in registration fees, tripling driver’s licenses fees, and a 63% jump in the fee to buy a car (documentation fee).  These are all taxes on working families. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 A look at FY 2008 budget gives us the largest tax increases in over 30 years. http://www.legis.state.de.us/LIS/lis144.nsf/2bede841c6272c888025698400433a04/54ddb16c25da7fe88525726e006f1faf?OpenDocument&Highlight=0,revenue  .

 You may ask why? In our view the Minner-Carney administration has issued a warrant for the wallets of working families.  They want to tax your commute (eliminate ezpass discounts and double the tolls on SR1 and I95) add a nickel to the price of gas, and hundreds of dollars to the price of a car.  Why, because they wasted our money over the last few years.  Now the trust fund is broke.  The Operating budget has nearly doubled (81%)

Delaware is in the Top 5 in per person government expenditure.  Are we in the top 5 of results? Are the schools in the top 5?  No!  Are the roadways and public transportation well managed?  We have bridges falling apart and bus routes that take an 1 1/2 hours to go 4 miles.  Is our economic development the envy of the region?  The only thing that seems to be developing in the Economic development office is a soap opera.  We are losing jobs by the thousands and the only net job gain has been in government (while the nation has added millions of jobs).  Are the prisons models of efficiency?  Look at the prison health care scandal.

Does anyone really believe we are getting our money’s worth?

If you do, let’s talk. 

We have run the transportation trust fund into the ground by raiding road money for administrative salaries.  We have made tens of millions in unnecessary land purchases such as the $5,000,000 Garrison’s lake Golf Course.  We spent more tens of millions on the pork barrel raid by Sec. Hayward during his final hours as transportation chief.  We keep the old Saint George’s Bridge when the Army Corp of Engineers was going to destroy it for us since they built us a nice new bridge right next to it–another $40,000,000.  We build the SR1 Dover SR8 connector so travelers could enter center city Dover from Route 1 at the behest of downtown merchants.  We built a south one that goes to south Dover and not just the Air Base.  Great! So why are we trying to spend millions more on one residents oppose which is less than one mile from the south Dover one?

In the mean time the SR1 Indian River bridge is falling apart, literally (safety flags are being raised).  This bridge is vital for our tourism industry.  What type of priority management is that?

We pass mandates on our Schools, yet we forget to pay for the mandates.  We mandated full day Kindergarten.  We did not fund the space for nearly doubling the size of grade k.   Worse yet, the state construction regulations costs us money unecessarily.  The DOE (Dept. of Education) does not allow the districts in growth areas to build ahead in capacity.  This results in a referendum every few years and districts like Caesar Rodney are filled even though schools were just built.  We waste money expanding or rebuilding schools when we could have allowed the district to build properly. 

We could list policy after policy which leaches money from the taxpayer because of antiquated regulations which block modern efficient solutions.

We need change, but change will only happen if we demand it.  The special interests demand our money.  Can I get 1000 taxpayers to stand up for the people’s interest?  Your actions today will determine if we have government for the people or government in spite of the people.

http://www.newszap.com/articles/2007/05/16/dm/sussex_county/dsn01.txt for more information


1. Judith A Wendling - 25 November, 2007

If nominated, what characteristics will you seek as a vice presidential running mate that would complement/enhance your candidacy? While I am looking at all the candidates, it appears that you lack international experience. Would this be an important case for someone with that experience? I am impressed with your overall character, and want to be reassured that, should you be elected, we would have an in-depth, well rounded White House.

2. David Anderson - 23 September, 2008

I think we can declare victory. Thank you all.

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