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Why Sarah Palin could be the most important person you don’t know. 30 August, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, Sarah Palin.

palin-2007-state-of-the-state.jpgLeadership Works. 

There is a movement to draft Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for VP.  Alaska’s Governor– Sarah who?  I could here many of you asking that before I even get going.  Yes, people all over this nation are joining a movement to draft the new governor of Alaska.

She almost singlehandedly stopped the Alaska GOP from imploding like Ohio’s in the last election.  She did it by making a career of standing for the people and being a crusader against corruption.  She has a 90% approval rating.  She is the embodiment of the modern conservative that I described on Dovercitizen.  The establishment hates her.  The people love her.

She is a fiscal conservative in government not just campaigns.  She line itemed vetoed 13% of the state’s capital budget.  She is uncompromisingly pro-life in a state which is lukewarm on the issue.  She is pro-gun owner as is the rest of the state. Traditional wisdom says she might be controversial.  Yes, the media, money and party establishments unloaded both barrels to on her in the primary and general elections.  She won anyway.  Now she is the most popular governor in America.  Why? She is the only one with the courage to clean up government and fix the mess Republicans and Democrats left.

She is smart,  honest, competent, outspoken, and courageous.  Unfortunately, this is not the image of the typical Republican today.  It should be.  Gov. Palin may be charting the course back to the GOP being a majority party.  I hope we follow it whether or not she is drafted. 

Here is a great article by Fred Barnes– Sarah Palin the GOP’s Newest Star