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Will Obama be the President who loses the Dollar? 20 March, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy.
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Critics who do nothing but whine and complain bash the President for going on the Leno show. If they want to complain, it should be that the President does not get tougher questions than Leno’s from the regular media. What about the potential dumping of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency? It is rumored that the administration may even be sending signals of support for the move because “it (being the world’s reserve currency) makes policy difficult”. The implications for American businesses and farms could be significant. It could be very significant for our future debt funding. Is the Administration considering an inflation option?

This is the most disturbing economic and foreign policy development to date in the Administration. Why not just support Russia’s global currency? Is that next on the agenda? Will someone even ask this in next week’s press conference?

What happen to restoring U. S. leadership in the world? We seem to taking an attitude of tell us what to do. Help us out because it is to hard to make the sacrifices of leadership. We ask would you please take prisoners from Gitmo? We may release terrorists in our country if you do the same. We say could you please send a few troops to Afghanistan because we aren’t sure we want to make the investments. Now we are saying that we aren’t sure that we can keep our dollar strong. The world likes to test a new President. Here is one American hoping he will pass the retest.

What’s behind the Huckaboom? 17 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, federal.
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Once upon a time there was a small state governor who decided to become President. The establishment disdained him because he never catered to them. He lived the life of ordinary people. He cared about what mattered in our lives. He connected where we live. They called him an also ran or second tier even though he had the most governing experience a year before the first vote was to be cast.

Then something happened. Under the radar, this candidate set up an Internet network of bloggers and others. He out-shined his rivals in debates. He showed that he wanted to fundamentally reform Washington instead of tinkering with it. Abolish the tax code which is where the special interests get their power over us. Have immigration reform that controls our border and holds responsible those corporations that cynically abuse those who want a better life, instead of disrespecting the hard working people who want a better life. He wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone, even minorities not Republicans. He led the way in defending family and marriage both in policy and by example. He tapped into the Lincoln style people’s party. He represents the Wal-Mart Republicans not the 5th Avenue or K Street Republicans.

He doesn’t need to go around saying “I feel your pain”. People can feel that he understands the middle class anxiety. His proposals would keep free trade while leveling the playing field for American Companies starting with getting rid of the tax breaks that send our wealth and jobs off shore. He is passionate for better education. He doesn’t bring anger to politics but a fix the problem attitude. He is a man of Christian Character. He is not afraid to challenge his own party when it is wrong nor does he shy away from pointing out the problems with the other party. He does it by standing on unchanging core beliefs, yet he understands that everything is not one of those issues. He made a career accomplishing major changes which made a huge difference in millions of lives by collaborating instead of compromising. He is the one Republican with a common touch.

He is the only one of the top GOP contenders who is not a millionaire. He devoted his early life building people not fortunes. That fact puts him suspect in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Club for Growth elite. Everything he says is suspect. What right does this former pastor (forget the fact the last 12 years have been in high public office not ministry–Reagan too was always an actor to some of the elite) have to think he can change America? When he says he wants to be the mainstreet president and break the stranglehold of the special interests which own both parties, they know he means it. He owes them nothing. He has always obtained office in spite of the special interests. They don’t finance him. They don’t own him.

That is the root of the appeal which is driving the so-called Huckaboom. It is also why negative reports and smears have never worked on him. It is why he is the Democrats worse nightmare. See the article below.


Mike Huckabee’s rapid rise in the Republican presidential race is prompting concern among some Democratic strategists who believe that the former Arkansas governor could become a daunting general election foe should he secure the GOP nomination

These operatives believe that Huckabee’s profile — former Baptist minister, southern governor, fitness preacher — and self-effacing style on the stump could prove an appealing combination for moderate and independent voters.

“Mike Huckabee is the Republican that probably worries me the most,” said Wooten Johnson, a Democratic strategist based in Louisiana. “Unlike the other Republicans, he isn’t flawed in the eyes of the Republican base. But more importantly, he has a record of being a true compassionate conservative. He will be able to attract those suburban voters that don’t want to vote for [a] Democrat.”

Back to me

New polls show he beats Senator Clinton and Senator Obama (trounces Obama and Edwards) in Arkansas. He is dead even with her in the general election in both Zogby and Rasmuessen. He is unknown by a quarter of the people still and yet he runs about even with the leading Democrats nationally.

Like any candidate he has his pluses and minuses. It was common place wisdom that he did not have the organization to handle beyond the early states. That has now changed with the addition of Reagan confidant and campaign Chief Ed Rollins. Rollins sees in Gov. Huckabee a new Reagan. A man of vision and courage who is up to the challenges facing the nation. He sees a man who can connect with the people and communicate with them in way which inspires them. He is right. That is why supporting Mike Huckabee is not Huckacide. It may be the salvation of a party on the verge of being a generational minority again.

Huckabee Number One in Nation. 5 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
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Update: Breaking News 5Dec07: Huckabee new national leader 20% to 17 % –Thompson sinks to 5th. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_2008__1/2008_presidential_election/daily_presidential_tracking_poll

He is now polling even with Mrs. Clinton even though a quarter of people haven’t heard of him. That means he can move up, but not down (barring some political disaster). The latest poll puts him even with Mayor Giuliani. Welcome to the big leagues Governor.

Read this quote from the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking Commentary from 4 Dec 07.

“With less than a month to go before the Iowa caucuses, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that Rudy Giuliani has fallen back in the pack in the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Giuliani’s support has fallen to 18% and four other candidates are within six percentage points of the lead. Mike Huckabee is enjoying an amazing surge and now shares the top spot with Giuliani at 18%. Close behind are John McCain at 14%, Fred Thompson at 13%, and Mitt Romney at 12%. Ron Paul attracts 7% of Likely Republican Primary voters nationwide and no other Republican candidate reaches 2% (see recent daily numbers).

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Clinton continues to lose ground as well. The former First Lady now attracts 35% of the vote, down from 41% a week ago and 43% two weeks ago. Today’s result matches the lowest level of support recorded for Clinton since Rasmussen Reports began daily tracking in mid-July (see recent daily numbers).”

Back to me. A lot can happen in thirty days. This is only today’s snapshot.

It seems Gov. Mike Huckabee is experiencing a bounce before a vote is even cast. This is the first time this year that Mayor Giuliani has not lead the field by himself. That is significant. It remains to be seen if this is a surge or a bounce. I vote for surge. He is unique in his issues yet bedrock on core Republican values.

That story is the reported one. What is even more intriguing is how Mayor Giuliani’s support is evaporating as many expected. The idea that he was the only electable Republican has been shattered. He will have to retool his campaign on the fly. That is something doable for him, but only time will tell if he will.

Gov. Romney is holding the ground he gained after the last debate in the national polls though his grip is weakening in the early states. You can almost hear the cheering of the national press corps over the latter fact for whatever reason. I think they hate the Governor because he left their side on some social issues, yet it is the right that is suppose to be intolerant. Inspite of the negative media, he is still right in the pack. He has plenty of money and a crack team. His speech Thursday could change the dynamic or get lost in the Christmas clutter. We shall see.

Senator McCain is back from the political dead. He is right in the mix. The surge has vindicated him. He staked his political fortune on principle and is reaping a nice return on investment.

Senator Thompson has lost more momentum than anyone. It has been sustained and shows no sign of reversal. Nonetheless he is still right in the pack. This campaign has shown it can change in a week.
All five are within 6 points and Ron Paul is still behind them but now polling credible numbers almost to the double digits. His support is likely greater than polling because his people are not normal likely voters nor answer house phones. Can he climb over 5 people to get to the top with his unorthodox campaign?

I think this will be the most interesting election in decades– since 1968. It is wide open on both sides. The Republican side is now completely fluid.

I just hope the issues don’t get lost in the coverage of the horse race. Taxes, trade, immigration, health policy, energy policy, and defense policy all still matter. Now that we are free from “the don’t throw your vote away mentality” can we vote for the best person for our future?