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TaxPayer Alert–Special Election on the 19th in Newark Area 19 February, 2009

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, New Castle County.
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One candidate wants to raise your taxes and is connected with the unions dominating New Castle County, the other wants to cut spending before considering any tax increase. This news link will give you a great contrast in their own words. If you want any voices to balance out the pressures to impoverish the New Castle County taxpayers, then you need to vote for Republican Jamie Moulthrop. Moulthorp works serving the working people everyday by managing a tax office. He understands that we are hurting. He understands numbers.

The numbers say that NCC was heading into fiscal problems before the economic slowdown. Just raising the property tax will not solve the problem any more than giving another drink out during happy hour will solve drunk driving. We need someone willing to make tough decisions. Unfortunately, that is not Ms. Diller who by all accounts is a great person. The problem is that her close ties to the union through her husband seems to have clouded her objectivity.

My friends, you need to vote for someone who will represent you today, or don’t complain. Go to Delaware.gov/elections if you need to see if you are in NCC 5th.

This link is worth putting on your email chain. You need to get everyone who understands that we need leaders not special interest advocates in office out to vote. Polls are open until 8 pm this February 19th.