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Governor Palin’s son is now in Army. Ray Clatworthy’s son back from Iraq. 7 October, 2007

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An update Gov.  Palin’s 18 year old son recently enlisted and is now in Basic Combat  training.  It makes her story even more interesting. http://www.adn.com/news/politics/story/9313869p-9228870c.html

Locally, I am pleased to say that the Delaware Army National Guard’s 198th has returned from Iraq.  All of the 198th.

I am also pleased to say we are all grateful to God that our friend Lt. Mike Clatworthy has returned safely as well.  He is the son of former senate candidate Ray Clatworthy.



1. Ishmael - 9 October, 2007

A call to the governor’s office reveals that the rumor that Palin’s son is in Iraq to be false.

2. David Anderson - 9 October, 2007

Ok, you are right. I just pulled it from a news article. Thanks, it was incorrect. I am udating this now. He just joined Sept. 11th and is still in BCT.

3. eruralakect - 6 April, 2010

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